Fortnite Deactivates The Kugler First – That Could Be The Reason


Fortnite Deactivates The Kugler First – That Could Be The Reason

In Fortnite: Battle Royale, the Kugler was very popular. Now he is gone and his fans are sad. Epic promises but soon recovery.

What happened to the Kugler? The Kugler in Fortnite is a kind of hamster ball vehicle. It is very popular and provided a lot of fun for many players. But in a tweet, the developers announced that the fun hamster ball would be disabled until further notice.

What are the reasons for the Kugler shutdown?

Concrete reasons for this measure were not mentioned at Epic. It would probably be problems with stability. That could be behind it: Recently, there were always reports of how players shoot themselves with a Kugler to absurd heights. So they then balled across the sky and were able to overcome long distances at a safe height. A glitch that was certainly not intended by the developer and should be fixed.

When will the Kugler come back? Epic did not name an appointment, but they plan to return the Kugler as soon as possible if the problem is resolved. It was really just a short-term removal from the game.

Community worries about the Kugler

This is what the community says: Many players love the Kugler and all the fun stunts and memes that can be made out of and with it. The Kugler fans find it very stupid that this vehicle now flew out of the game. One is afraid that he will never come back or miss for a long time. The same thing happened with the drift board in Season 7.

However, some players hate the Kugler and are celebrating that the funny Hamster Ball is no longer in the game. Especially among professionals, the Kugler is not popular and some players complained that people roll around with a Kuglern and so do not participate in the game until the endgame.

How do you feel about the Kugler and its distance from the game? Are you happy that he is finally gone or are you missing him already?

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