Is Fortnite Running Out Of Season 8 Or Is It Clever?


Is Fortnite Running Out Of Season 8 Or Is It Clever?

Fortnite: Battle Royale is actually known to radically change the game every season. But in Season 8, not much seems to happen. Is the air out or is it a good thing? Our author Jürgen draws a conclusion.

What happened in Season 8 so far?

I’m not very excited about Season 8 in Fortnite so far. I do not like the theme or the Battle Pass. But otherwise, the new season in Fortnite does not seem to bring much new. There have just been the following changes:

  • Geysers as jump surfaces
  • A jungle biome that replaced the northeast
  • A treasure map for more loot
  • Cannons
  • A kind of hamster ball called Kugler as a vehicle
  • Little Spectacular in Season 8
  • Granted, the guns and the Kugler are fun and fun, but overall there is not much going on in Fortnite.

New weapons are searched in vain and also the map was only changed in a manageable area.

If you compare this with Season 7, where the map got bigger and loads of new things like zip-lines, airplanes, and new weapons arrived, at least for me Season 8 is rather unspectacular. Also, the new weapons that could come soon: the bow of the Elf Ember or the flintlock pistol from Pirate Skin, do not blow me.

Why should I mess around with a pirate’s gun if I can have a hand cannon? And I do not really need bows in a shooter either.

Are Epic Going Ideas?

You can not shake the impression that Epic is not coming up with a whole lot of new stuff, that you’re playing it safe and not changing anything big. And in fact, there are tons of different weapons in the game. There is just a limit to shooting spanking, which can be meaningfully differentiated.

How hard it is to find a useful niche for a new weapon has been proven by the latest addition to the infantry rifle. Few players find that really useful. Maybe that’s why Epic wants to limit himself to fun vehicles and support items like Kugler and Schatzkarte before more weapons arrive.

On the other hand, less disturbance and bad balancing come into play.

Players do not want that much news. What do the players say? On Reddit, however, the 8th season is quite good with the players: Many love the crazy pirate setting with cannons and the Kugler is already the big favorite of the casual players.

Only the Battle-Pass and the listless Level-100-Skin are criticized more often.

It seems as if many players appreciate it, when Fortnite sometimes less hectic with new updates to throw around and play the ball flat first. Especially Season 7 put the turbo on new content and changed the game only with airplanes and then with swords and new game modes more often. That was too much for many players.

That’s why it’s clever: With a focus on fun and little groundbreaking innovation, Epic seems to be tying the players and giving them what they want. Is there a plan behind it? Possibly, Epic also picks up the blatant new stuff to lure players back from Apex Legends when the first excitement surrounding the upcoming Season 1 is likely to be gone.

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