New Starter Pack In Fortnite Is live – There Is Again A 5 € Skin


New Starter Pack In Fortnite Is live – There Is Again A 5 € Skin

In Fortnite, there is a new starter pack to buy Season 8. There you get skin and more cosmetics for 5 €. We’ll tell you if it’s worth buying.

What is the starter pack?

This package is available in the in-game store of Fortnite on the PC – and on the respective platforms for PS4 and Xbox One. It brings you 5 € skin and more cosmetics. Now there is a new package. In the “lagoon package” there are again reductions.

We tell you what’s in the package and why it’s worth buying the starter pack.

That’s in the new starter pack

What’s included: In total there are 4 things in the pack. This includes a new skin:

  • Skin “Laguna”
  • Pineapple paint
  • Back cover “Pineapple gong”
  • 600 V bucks

What does the skin look like?

The skin is a cool blonde agent. Fittingly, there is the pineapple ukulele, which she can wear on her back.

  • Starter Pack Fortnite
  • You get this in the lagoon package of Fortnite
  • Here you will find the offer: For 4.99 € you can buy the starter pack in the in-game shop. It’s right next to the
  • previous starter pack, the Cobalt package:

For PS4, there is the package in the PS4 Store.

The offer is not live yet on the Xbox One, but it’s sure to come soon. Is the purchase worth it? The package offers huge benefits. Usually, a skin always costs about 10 €, this skin costs only 5 € and you get more items. But the 600 V-Bucks have a value of 6 €, you even save money. Then you get the skin and two more cosmetics. So if you do not want to invest a lot of money in the game, you can make a real snap with the starter pack.

This is behind the starter packs: Epic packs such lock offers into their shop again and again. This is to encourage players to spend money on the game. So there were already packages for the skins ” The Ace ” or ” Summit Striker “.

There are 600 V-Bucks in the starter pack

The 600 V bucks you get in the package will not be of much use, as most skins cost a few more V-Bucks. You would have to spend a little more money so that you can invest the 600 V-Bucks sensibly.

The main purpose of the package is to allow players to complete a microtransaction and thereby lower the threshold for doing so again on another skin.

Fortnite also has a new weapon, but it could become a disaster:

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