Online Roleplayers 2019 Can Look Forward To These 5 MMORPG Highlights


Online Roleplayers 2019 Can Look Forward To These 5 MMORPG Highlights

What can MMORPG players look forward to this year? We have picked out five highlights for you, which online roleplayers 2019 can certainly have a lot of fun with.


Release date                       2019
Platform                              PC
Info                                      Website of Astellia
Payment model                 Buy2Play

What is Astellia? Astellia is a new MMORPG that goes back to the roots of the genre and wants to give players classic gaming experience. It also wants to create new incentives with the interesting Astel system.

What does Astellia offer?

  • A classic game experience, but enriched by some new elements. The features are interesting:
  • Classes – you create your heroes from the well-known role system “Healer, Damage Dealer, and Tank”.
  • Dungeons – The dungeons in the game should be a big challenge – whether you want to master them alone or in a group.
  • PvP player-versus-player matches take place in the Avalon area. There are battles between the three parties.
  • Astel System – The “Astels” are incantations that assist you. For example, a warrior can summon a “Healing
  • Astel” to heal him or a “Damage Astel” that powerfully supports him. There are more than 30 Astels in total, of which three can always be active at the same time.
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For whom is it suitable?

The very successful in Korea Astellia is an MMORPG that everyone should keep in mind that again wants a classic online role-playing experience. An MMORPG as it used to be with group content, quests, big dungeons, and the familiar class system.

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