Overwatch League Immortalizes The Most Boring Meta With Real Goats


Overwatch League Immortalizes The Most Boring Meta With Real Goats

Overwatch and the Overwatch League have been dominated by a defensive meta for a while now. To make this meta immortal, the Overwatch League has come up with something very special.

What are the goats doing on stage?

During the pre-show on one of the days of the Overwatch League, the hosts invited two special guests. To honor the GOATS meta, two live goats were brought on stage. The moment with goats should make the meta “immortal” according to the moderators:

“Whatever the future may bring, we may forever remember this era of Overwatch, which we know as GOATS.”

The two goats were then even allowed to make a “prediction” by eating from certain buckets, which will win the playing teams in one of the matches. However, they voted for London Spitfire, which was defeated on the day of the Seoul Dynasty.

GOATS (in English: goats) is the meta that Overwatch has been mastering for some time now as the “strongest tactic”. It builds on three tanks and three healers. The name comes from the team GOATS, which used the tactics for the first time.

That is the special thing about the goats:

According to the moderator Soe “Soembie” Gschwind, the two brought-in goats are called Lúcio and Brigitte. This is an allusion to the two heroes around which GOATS is built. Lúcio and Brigitte are now the core heroes of the composition, along with:

  • Reinhardt
  • Zarya
  • D.Va
  • The third supporter can be largely freely chosen, although often Moira or Zenyatta fill this role.
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What is the problem with GOATS?

When two teams meet with the GOATS composition, not much happens in the game itself. The battles are essentially limited to which Zarya can put her graviton bomb better. This already led to teams being booed when playing GOATS in the Overwatch League. The meta is unpopular and many fans find it boring to watch.

Many blame the current status of heroine Brigitte. However, ex-professional Seagull sees the heroine Tracer as the cause. A soon end of GOATS could bring the new hero Baptiste. However, it is still not clear how Baptiste will change the meta.

What do you think of the goats? Another moment in the Overwatch League caused tears:

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