Pokémon GO: These Shinys Are From Field Research In March 2019


Pokémon GO: These Shinys Are From Field Research In March 2019

In Pokémon GO, the field research for March 2019 brings many shinys. We’ll show you what those are, how you get them and what they look like.

What’s the matter? Since the beginning of 2019, you can collect a lot of Shinys in the field research in Pokémon GO. In this overview, we show you which dazzling Pokémon can appear through the quests.

Update: This article has been updated for the tasks in March.

Shiny list for field research in March at Pokémon GO
Here’s a list of the Pokémon whose Shiny Form you can get in March through field research. Bear in mind that these encounters are not guaranteed, but only a chance exists on Shiny. Since the field research has not changed, the Shinys are also similar here as in February. New are Machollo and Menki.

Shiny nebulac

  • Quest: Throw 3 awesome throws
  • Quest 2: Send 2 gifts to friends

Shiny Larvitar

  • Quest: Throw 3 fabulous throws in a row

Shiny Basham, Glumanda, Schiggy

  • Quest: Win an Arena Battle
  • Quest 2: Use 5 times power-up on a Pokémon

Shiny Amonitas

  • Quest: Win a Level 3 Raid or higher

Shiny Aerodactyl

  • Quest: Win 5 Raids
  • Quest 2: Develop a Pokémon with the help of an object

Shiny traumato

  • Quest: Fight in a Raid

Shiny Dratini

  • Quest: Catch a Dragon Pokémon

Shiny Magnetilo

  • Quest: Capture 5 Battle Pokémon

Shiny Karpador

  • Quest: Capture 10 Pokémon
  • Quest 2: Use 10 Sananabeeren to catch Pokémon

Shiny dog pattern

  • Quest: Capture 10 Pokémon (same as Karpardor)

Shiny Sandan

  • Quest: Collect 10 Ground Pokémon

Shiny Kabuto

  • Quest: Catch 10 Ice Pokémon

Shiny Fukano

  • Quest: Use 5 Berries to catch Pokémon

Shiny Tragosso

  • Quest: Use 5 Skyhawks to catch Pokémon

Shiny Snubbull

  • Quest: hatch an egg

Shiny Evoli

  • Quest: Develop a Pokémon

Shiny sun kernels

  • Quest: Develop a Pokémon (same as Evoli)

Shiny macho

  • Quest: Fight 5x in an arena (also possible in “1x fight in an arena”)

Shiny Menki

  • Quest: Fight in an arena

Once a Shiny has been released in the world of Pokémon GO, any encounter with this Pokémon might show the dazzling twist. Unless Niantic makes a mistake. These Shinys could not find coaches for weeks.

How rare is Shiny’s in fieldwork? Shiny forms are much rarer than the “normal” forms of the Pokémon. It is estimated that the chance of a Shiny is around 1:60. They differ only visually to the normal form. Especially for collectors, they are attractive.

Why are good chances for Shiny now? The field research in March at Pokémon GO reward you with many Pokémon encounters. Much of it can be dazzling. So there is no guarantee that you will be able to meet a Shiny through field research. But you have the chance, if you do the listed research, to meet the associated Pokémon in its dazzling form.

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Lugia and Ho-Oh as Shiny in March 2019.

If you unlock a research breakthrough, there’s also a chance to encounter the shiny form of the legendary Pokémon.

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