Rumor: EA Access Comes On The PS4


Rumor: EA Access Comes On The PS4

Unfortunately, only Xbox One players enjoy the EA Access Service, which allows selected EA games to play before the official release.

Sony decides so far against the subscription service of EA, on the grounds that the added value here is not large enough to let their users also pay for this service extra, the cost of which amounts to 25 EUR per year. This view could have changed in the meantime if one believes current rumors.

For example, a preview image of the EA Access Service has appeared on the PlayStation Store Brazil, which is currently making the rounds via Reddit. If this is indeed true, EA and Sony could prepare a corresponding and early announcement. In any case, that’s completely absurd, since EA also spoke in their financial report about the fact that soon one of their subscription services will be brought to a larger platform. Until then, you have to enjoy the whole thing again with care.

EA describes the EA Access Service as follows:

“EA Access is a gaming service that lets you play tons of great EA titles from a gigantic (and ever growing!) Collection, test brand new games before they released, and save 10% on digital purchases of EA products. Discover all the games and trials you receive with your joining. “

As soon as there is more information about EA Access for PS4, you can find out here with us.

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