Scene In Anthem Is So Horrible That The Developer Apologizes


Scene In Anthem Is So Horrible That The Developer Apologizes

At Anthem, there is a problem in Strongholds: invisible barriers. A player has hit the problem so unhappily that the responsible developer has apologized to him and promised improvement.

What is the problem?

In Anthem’s dungeons, the Strongholds, there may be “invisible barriers” separating one player from the rest of the groups and locking them out. The system is actually meant to prevent players from “flying back”, but it does cause problems when a player is behind. This is usually a nuisance, but in this particular case, it was brutal.

“That was the most gruesome scene: A Reddit player shared a video and wrote, “After more than 80 hours, I got my first Legendary item dropped, but a force field cut me off the drop.”

In the Scene, you can see that the player with his Colossus is flying a bit too late for the loot and is stopped by the barrier. So he can not grab his Legendary Item. This is lost forever, he will not even know which legendary item it was.

Really a picture of horror.

The player also says, “I’m so tired of Anthem – the first 30 hours have been great, but since then there’s only Grind and Glitches.”

Next patch is to remove some force fields

This is how BioWare reacts: Anthem’s Stronghold lead then contacted the player and personally apologized for this “terrible gaming experience”:

  • In the next patch, you have disabled these Forcefields in the Heart of Wrath and in the Temple of Scars. The
  • Patch 1.0.4. I’ll be back in March, but he does not know exactly when.
  • In the future, you will not use them anymore, except for stupid reasons that are crucial to the mission.
  • You want to remove some of the fields later from the game while you continue.
  • Until the patch lands, players should go to the map and either use the controller’s left stick or key “Y” (with
  • Mouse and keyboard), then respawn on the right side of the wall.

The developer then apologizes again that they have not been able to fix this problem so far. He promises that the team will act better in the future to regain the trust of the community. The apologies for the players on Reddit are very good. It is welcomed that responsibility is assumed here.

Many players complain in Anthem currently that they receive too little powerful loot – we have put together some tips.

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