Server Steals Overwatch Player Highlight, 500,000 People See It Anyway


Server Steals Overwatch Player Highlight, 500,000 People See It Anyway

A player has actually earned a Play of the Game in Overwatch through skillful use of an Ultimate. But that was spoiled by a crash. Nevertheless, the highlight has now seen half a million fans.

This highlight is all about: The player and Reddit user GabiDraco has in one round on Numbani as D.Va sincerely. There he used his Ultimate Self-Destruction skillfully. As a defender, he attacked the opposing team as it was about to move to the point. For protection, the opponents have gathered behind Orisa’s shield.

This shield broke GabiDraco with the help of its booster and ignited the self-destruction behind it. The short recoil could hardly escape an opponent. But just as the bomb exploded, GabiDraco is thrown back into the main menu by a server error.

Blizzard servers ruining dreams from Overwatch

The highlight still sees 500,000 fans: The clip to this scene, which would probably become the Play of the Game, he finally posts on Reddit. Here the clip is seen over 500,000 times, according to data from gfycat . (As of 18th of March at 17:00 o’clock)

A play of the game usually shows the best scene from the previous round. However, since the round was terminated by a server error, the scene does not count. This is how other fans react: GabiDraco has titled the thread “Blizzard servers ruining dreams”, meaning “Blizzard servers are destroying dreams”. For the scene, he receives from the community both praise and pity.

Dozens of Reddit users just commented on “F,” a meme from Call of Duty. There, players could press the F key to “Respect” at a funeral (“Press F to Pay Respects”).

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Others note that they would probably have made a break if that had happened to them. Another user reports that the same thing happened to him. The servers crashed when his team found a threatening defeat back in the game.

How do you like the Play of the Game, which never made it into the game?

With another, spectacular scene, the meta has recently been immortalized:

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