Shroud thinks: Battle Pass Comes Later Because Apex Legends Is So Good


Shroud thinks: Battle Pass Comes Later Because Apex Legends Is So Good

The first Battle Pass and Season 1 of Apex Legends are still waiting. Fans are puzzling why nothing is still going on. But the reason could be a lot easier, as Twitch-Star Shroud explains.

Why is not a Battle Pass coming? Streamer Shroud thinks there is a simple reason for the delay: Apex Legends was simply too good. The developers of Respawn did not expect this success.

Shroud, the new face of Twitch, commented on this (via Dexerto ):

I think Season 1 should already be outside. But they [the developers] want to do better.

Therefore, popularity is a “problem”: The popularity of the game has surprised the developers. Shroud about:

I think the plan for Season 1 was simple, it was just a Battle Pass and new legends, that’s it. But the game is off-beat and they [the developers] did not expect that. So people [the players] are expecting a lot more now.

After Apex Legends appeared on February 4, it has now grown faster than competitor Fortnite to its heyday.

There were plans for new content even before the game’s sudden release. However, with Apex Legends being so celebrated, developers may have been scared that the planned content would not be enough.

I think they want to delay that a little and put in a lot of work. Not just the Battle Pass and a few characters. I think they just want to do it right. That’s why it takes so long. But I think the wait will be worth it.

The players expect more from such a good game than originally planned. If it is too little, the players could be upset.

This is planned in the Battle Pass: The developers have already published a roadmap shortly after the release of Apex Legends. It vaguely outlines what will happen in 2019 for Apex Legends.

For Season 1, which many players expected as a release date after a leak on March 12, 2019, the new content includes:

  • New weapons
  • Legends
  • New loot
  • A Battle Pass

At least one new weapon, the Havoc, came into play before Season 1. As a new legend, many players suspect Octane, whose ultimate ability is already in the game. However, most information relies on leaks. After the Battle Pass still has not appeared, Respawn spoke up on this subject. The developers warned the community not to rely too much on leaks.

That’s why a Battle Pass is important: A Battle Pass for Free2Play shooters like Apex Legends and Fortnite is an important source of revenue. With the likely costs of the Battle Pass, the game can be financed.

At present, only founders’ packages and loot boxes, which offer skins and especially rare heirlooms, serve as a source of income. A Battle Pass would be a more stable foothold.

And give the players a goal to work towards.

Lootboxes are currently the only steady source of income.

The funding will allow Respawn to continue working on the game and continue the fight against cheaters, which currently weigh heavily on the game.

Most recently, Respawn was able to ban over 350,000 cheaters, who complained shortly afterward about these spells. Update 18:21: The Battle Pass has just been officially announced.

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