So Kul Tirans Can Kill Other Players In WoW With One Hit


So Kul Tirans Can Kill Other Players In WoW With One Hit

Since patch 8.1.5, the alliance in World of Warcraft has the Kul Tiran as a new ally. The abilities of the new humans seem to be stronger than initially suspected.

How can Kul Tiran kill enemies instantly?

The secret lies in the folk ability of the Kul Tiraner, the “Schwinger”. This strikes a target far back and stuns it for a short time. The ability initially seemed weak to many players, especially in contrast to the seemingly overpowering ability of the also-released Zandalari trolls.

However, a user on Reddit has found a very practical benefit for the “Schwinger”. He has used the ability to throw opponents in PvP from high positions and kill by the fall damage. This worked even with players who were more than 10 levels stronger.

This makes the ability so strong: Previously, abilities were only allowed for certain classes like shamans. With the Kul Tiranians, this can be any class that is allowed to the people. Also rogues or druids. Since these two classes can disguise, they can easily sneak up on enemies. With a short stun or a surprise attack, an opponent can be killed instantly with a “Swinger”.

A similar influence of the ability has our author Benedict already suspected. If you want to try it yourself, you have to activate the Kul Tiraner first.

Does this work elsewhere?

Yes. The ability can also be used in PvP. In many battlefields, abilities that opponents can hurl back are very popular, such as:

  • In Arathi Basin
  • The eye of the storm
  • In the twin peaks
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In the battlefields, opponents can be thrown from high positions to the ground or simply into the void and thus into certain death. They can hardly defend themselves against it, except with abilities such as a shadow step, grappling hook or by the faith jump of an attentive priest.

In PvE, however, the “oscillator” does not have such great benefits. NPCs take no case damage and should they die from the map, the loot will flute with them.

This is how fans see the “Schwinger”: Most of the players find the scenes pretty cool. Some have even created themselves Kul Tiraner to try it out.

However, some fans now see the danger that Blizzard classifies this as “too strong”. They hope that the “Schwinger” stays in the game as it is.

What do you think of the application of the “vibrator”?

Although the Kul Tirans have potential in PvP, the PvE is in the hands of the Horde:

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