The 1st Season Of Apex Legends With Battle Pass Is Coming Tomorrow


The 1st Season Of Apex Legends With Battle Pass Is Coming Tomorrow

The first season of Apex Legends was officially announced – including Battle Pass. Already on the 19th of March, it starts. Developer Respawn announced this via Twitter.

When does the season 1 start? The official Twitter account for Apex Legends just dropped a tweet.

According to this tweet, the official start of the first season of Apex Legends is tomorrow, March 19th at 18:00 German time. (10 AM Pacific Time)

This is Season 1: The season will be titled “Wild Borderland” and will be the equivalent of the leak that Origin accidentally caused by itself recently.

View the new content EA has a site on Battle Pass and the first season is funneled

There are some rewards for players who do not buy the Battle Pass. If you just play in Season 1 you will receive:

  • a “Wild Borderland” skin (legendary)
  • 5 apex packs
  • 18 “Wild Borderland” statistics tracker
  • The new legend Octane

If you buy the Battle Pass, you will also unlock some skins immediately:

  • The revolutionary skin for the lifeline
  • Survivor skin for Wraith
  • The lawless skin for Mirage

Battle Pass at Apex Legends is also available for coins

How much is the Battle Pass? Together with Season 1, the first Battle Pass for Apex Legends will be released. This will be via Apex Coins directly in the in-game shop to buy:

  • The normal Battle Pass will cost 950 coins (roughly € 9.50)
  • “Battle Pass Bundle” will cost 2800 coins (roughly € 28)
  • The first 25 levels of the Battle Pass are already unlocked in the bundle.

Since the players had speculated in advance, whether it would give the passport for the in-game currency coins or just over Euro. Now you know the answer.

By the way, Apex Coins are cheaper for Amazon at the moment.

Here’s how the Battle Pass works: According to the site, you’ll be able to earn up to 100 levels on the Battle Pass. Thus, the Battle Pass works similar to that of competitor Fortnite.

As you step up, you gradually release more and more content. This includes:

  • Weapon Skins
  • Lootboxen
  • Seasonal stat tracker
  • And what it looks like Apex Coins

If you’re looking for fellow players to throw you into Season 1, visit our Apex group on Facebook. You can also find more information and news about the game on our Apex page on Facebook.

What do you think of the new content? Why the Battle Pass came so late, the professional Shroud assumes:

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