The Division 2 Guide: So You Come To The 12 Masks Of The Dreaded Hunter


The Division 2 Guide: So You Come To The 12 Masks Of The Dreaded Hunter

The Hunter, a mysterious group of particularly strong and feared opponents, run into The Division 2’s agents in Washington DC as well. From any hunter, you can dust off a cool cosmetic mask. We explain what you have to do for it.

What’s up with the hunters?

The Hunter was already hunting the players in The Division 1. They were among the toughest and nastiest opponents in the game and could even quickly blow out the light of even well-trained agents at an unfavorable moment.

In The Division 2, these hunters are now back. Already in the course of the campaign, it is suggested that Washington will be dealing with these elite fighters. But at the first meeting, one is still spared by the Hunter. Later, however, you can deliberately “summon” them and hunt for them. There are cool rewards.

Get Hunter Masks in The Division 2 – That’s how it works

What rewards are there? Each of the 12 Hunter drops its own mask – the coveted trademark of these hunters. These can be collected, exhibited as trophies in your Operations Base, and even equipped as a cosmetic item, giving your agent a cool and special look.

In addition, the 12 Hunter ivory keys (from world rank 4) drop. If you have collected 8 of them, you can open a box next to the barber in the White House, which holds more goodies for you. There are

  • The Shield Splinterer F2000 assault rifle with random talents and scaling Gear score according to world rankings
  • A matching, white weapon skin
  • And the infamous Hunter Ax as a trailer for your backpack

The locations of the 12 Hunter masks

This is how the hunters were discovered: In the world of The Division 2, secret codes encode information hidden in numerous graffiti on buildings or walls.

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Players have already decrypted these cryptic symbols, figuring out where to find the 12 hunters, including masks, and what to do to “call” them. Because on their own they do not show up there.

You should keep this in mind when hunting:

With some exceptions, you have to hunt the Hunter at night. The “night time” starts at 19:00 clock time. So if you get the masks generally at night, you can not go wrong. By the way, there is no fixed order for individual hunters.

In addition, you should take into account that the Hunter has a level of 35. If you do not want to hit the ground after a hit, it’s best to hit it with the right gear after reaching maximum level 30. Then many of them can master solo well. In the team, however, it is much easier.

  • The Ghoul Mask: North of the Lincoln Memorial in West Potomac Park, you will find an entrance to the sewers.
  • Go underground and follow the course of the tunnel until you enter a large room. There you have to interact with a computer located near a large map of Washington.
  • If you have activated the computer, a lamp lights up, which illuminates an X on the card. There you will find the hunter.
  • When marking you will find in the game world a platform as a scaffolding on which a lamp flashes. Shoot the light bulb and the hunter spawns.
  • Turn it off and you will receive the mask. Remember, this mission must be completed at night.


  • Ghost Mask: Head to this intersection south of Capitol Hill in the Southwest district and find the memorial plaque.
  • Shoot the lamp that illuminates the thank you, so that the names on the board are no longer visible.
  • Salute now via the emote function 6x times in the water with a view of the plaque.
  • Then the hunter should appear. If it is not triggered, salute a few more times or get closer to the flagpole.
  • Turn Hunter off, and you’ll get the ghost mask. This mission must be completed at night.
  • Revenant Mask, Midas Mask: Go to the marked position in Northwest Washington (West End).
  • There you will find a large hotel facility. Head to the center of the building complex where you will see a pool.
  • Execute Jumpers via the Emote feature. This spawn two hunters, which must be switched off. After winning the battle, two new masks will wave to you. This mission must be completed at night.
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And Then

  • Demon Mask: Go to the marked location in Downtown East.
  • There you have to enter the neighboring building, marked with a question mark on the picture, through the subway.
  • As soon as you arrive in a kind of courtyard, which is enclosed by the building, you have to climb up the hill with the palm trees and from there shoot four targets, which you will find in the windows opposite.
  • If you have successfully hit all four targets, the Hunter will appear, from which you will get your next mask. This mission can also be tackled during the day.

Purple Mask

  • Purple Mask: Head to the landmarked building in the east of Downtown East.
  • Enter the building from the south (below). Activate the computer in the first room.
  • Then run across the courtyard to the northern part of the building. Activate the phone there.
  • Once that’s done, the Hunter appears in the courtyard. From him, you get the purple mask. This mission can also be done during the day.
  • Diamond Mask, Phantom Mask, Death Mask, Cross Mask: In the East Mall area you can get four masks. Go to the marked building first.
  • In the building itself, you now have to flip a switch and then walk to the park with the fir tree east of the building.
  • Walk around the fir-tree a bit and four hunters will appear. Turn it off and get your masks.
  • It may happen that only three instead of four Hunter spawn. Turn it off and then summon it again. Then either all four or one missing hunters will spawn. So you can get the fourth and last mask. These masks can only be earned at night.
  • How to get these 10 hunter masks, read through this detailed guide from NothingButSkillz:
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The 11th and 12th Mask:

  • The 11th and 12th Mask: Go to the Washington Monument (The Great Pillar) in the East Mall area south of the White House. There are the last two masks.
  • Run into the interior of the monument and rappel through the elevator shaft into the basement.
  • Press the button under the monitor on the thick pillar. This tells you the location of three tombs that you need to visit in a specific order (see picture).
  • At each grave, you have to salute with the help of the gesture menu. Whether it worked, you will notice that the screen shakes slightly.
  • Now go back to the monitor in the basement. Activate the button below again. This should now light orange. Run outside and head first to the neighboring CERA depot (see picture).
  • The hunter can be found on a container next to the crane. Turn it off.
  • The other hunter spawns on the roof of a hut near the monument.
  • If you turn it off, there is the 12th and last mask.

Both masks can only be fetched at night. If the two hunters just disappear, logging in and logging back into the game helps.

As you get the last two Hunter masks, you’ll learn in this compact video by Dad Rage

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