The Division 2: You Have To Do That To Unlock The Specializations


The Division 2: You Have To Do That To Unlock The Specializations

In The Endgame of The Division 2, you can access 3 different specializations. These each brings a skill tree and an individual weapon with it. Our guide shows how to unlock it.

Here’s how to unlock the specializations: To play the 3 Endgame specializations, you have to fulfill a few conditions. First, you have to reach max level 30. But that’s not enough.

In addition, you must complete the 3 bases:

  • District Union Arena (Level 26)
  • Roosevelt Island (Level 28)
  • Capitol (level 30)
  • Once you’ve done that and achieved World Rank 1, you can return to your Operations Base and select the 3
  • Specializations from your Quartermaster.

Our guide will tell you everything you need to know about the world’s ranks.

Sniper, Destroyer or Survival Specialist?

These are the 3 specializations and their weapons: you can choose between them

  • Sniper and his caliber 50 precision rifle,
  • The destruction expert with a grenade launcher
  • And the survival specialist with his bracelet
  • Choose and switch freely between them. Each specialization has its own skill tree with passive perks, skill mods, and other benefits.

You can then expand these by playing the specializations until you complete all 3. Are more specializations planned for the future? For the first year, 3 DLC episodes are planned. Each of these episodes brings a new specialization with it.

Which exactly is not known at the moment. But there is already speculation about a minigun as a possible, individual weapon of a new specialization.

In the video of Arekkz you can look at the specializations:

Are you already in the endgame? Which specialization do you prefer to play?

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