The New Gun In Fortnite Could Be A Disaster


The New Gun In Fortnite Could Be A Disaster

Fortnite: Battle Royale will soon get a new weapon. It is a kind of pirate pistol. Also, values to the damage and the reloading time have already been leaked. But many fans are wondering what the new Wumme can.

This is what the new weapon looks like: Ever since the start of Season 8, players have wondered what it’s like with the two weapons from the title screen. There you can see a pirate with a flintlock pistol and an elf with a bow. The bow is still not there, but the pistol seems to become the new item for the upcoming update. It would be the first new weapon in Season 8 so far. So far, there were only treasure maps and a ball vehicle.

What can the new weapon do?

The announcement text does not list a specific name. Rather, the gun is touted as a “loyal second weapon”. In addition, she should have a “kick”.

These are the values of the pistol: thanks to a leak, we already know what the values of the new hoot will have:

  • Rarity: Ordinary / Unusual
  • Damage: 86/90
  • Magazine: 1 (heavy ammunition)
  • Reload time: 3.19 / 3.045

What else can she do? The Wumme is called according to the Data leak internally as “Flint Knock”. A pun on flintlock, so flintlock. Old muzzle-loader pistols were fired with a flint in the cock.

Flint-Knock could again point out that the new cannon overturns the opponent, so has a “knock-back” effect. That would make her stand out from the hand cannon, which seems to be quite similar to her.

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The community says: In comments to the gun, the fans are rather confused. Does one wonder what the meaning of such a weapon should be? With 90 damage she was much too weak because she fires only every 3 seconds. Since the good old hand cannon is still better. Therefore, many find the gun already stupid and pointless. You compare them already with the unloved infantry rifle, which probably only loves Ninja. At most the effect of throwing, if it exists at all, would be a useful unique selling point for the new weapon.

What do you say to the new weapon? Is that a lot of fun or another pointless innovation that nobody needs?

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