These 6 stories in Anthem are different than you think


These 6 Stories In Anthem Are Different Than You Think

In Anthem, there are some NPCs who like to start a conversation with you after your missions in Fort Tarsis. Among them are some stories that take a surprising turn.

In Anthem, you not only douse the area with your jazz Javelin but also experience the single-player story in the city of Fort Tarsis. There are some NPCs who just want to talk to you or need your help. The more you deal with the different characters, the more they reveal themselves. Some of the stories even take a surprising turn.

Spoiler Warning: If you have not played through Anthem’s main campaign yet, here are some details about the story. If you do not want to know anything, you should not read on here!

Merelda and the search for her child

Erelda is a friendly elderly woman who you meet in Fort Tarsis just outside the city. She is looking for her child, who should actually arrive at the fort any moment, and says that your freelancer reminds her of her son or daughter. If you continue to talk to her, she will tell you that your child was in Freemarch.

NPC Merelda is right at the gates to the city. But as you know through the campaign, Freemarch was attacked by the Dominion over ten years ago – few people have survived. You can make you hope and say your child could come, or you say you do not think she has to wait for your family.

If you talk to the old lady again, she believes that your hero is her child. You can tell Merelda that she is wrong, or that she believes that this is so. If you decide to tell her that your freelancer is her son or daughter, she will be happy and treat you maternally in every conversation.

At some point, your freelancer has to confess to her that he or she is not the real child. At first she seems confused, believing that the hymn of creation has worked a miracle and saved her child. After a while, however, she can handle the death of her family and thanks to you for once again feeling the love of a mother.

Anthem Merelda letter

Merelda will send you this letter after you are done with your story. The story of the caretaker and two tailors
Pirndel Blatch is the manager of the fort and entrusted with the care and improvement of public spaces. He hopes your influence can help make his security suggestions more popular with the people of Fort Tarsis.

“Safety first!” – Pirndel Blatch

As the story progresses, Pirndel worries, for example, about the refurbished fountain. In Fort, Tarsis puddles would be everywhere now and these would hardly bear with the cables lying around everywhere. Performance Marl and Gunther: Marl is a tailor who wants to help the Gunther the Fort to beautiful outfits and colors with his muse. The two open a shop and Marl is even inspired to create a completely new look: a gold scarf.

Marl (left) and Gunther (right) present the latest cry in Fort Tarsis: a gold scarf.

But then the disaster happens: The shop burns down overnight and Marl and Gunther accuse each other of having set the fire. But then our janitor Pirndel Blatch comes and announces that it was not arson, but that a cable lying in a puddle caused the fire.

Had the people of Fort Tarsis but only previously listened to the warnings of the janitor!

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