What happened to the Square Enix Avengers MMO?


What Happened To The Square Enix Avengers MMO?

In January 2017, Square Enix announced that they are developing an Avengers game in collaboration with Marvel. But now it has become very quiet about the project. What has happened there?

What is “Avengers Project”?

Avengers Project will be the first in a series of games that will emerge in collaboration between Disney and Square Enix. Except for a short teaser trailer and some press releases, there is very few info about the game so far. However, we know that this is a “3rd Person Cover Base Action Adventure” and the project will be “tremendously big”.

It is being developed by the subsidiary Crystal Dynamics, which many will know through “Tomb Raider” and “Legacy of Cain” titles.

What is the latest state of development? Just over a year ago in April 2018, Ron Rosenberg, co-head of Crystal Dynamics, said the development of the Avengers Project is progressing “tremendously fast”. The company also published a variety of job postings, including leadership positions in level and singleplayer campaign design.

The job postings repeatedly emphasized that the game should have strong multiplayer elements and the designers would be responsible for creating new online experiences. Since then, however, there was silence about Project Avengers.

Is there anything left? There are indications that we will soon see new information about the Avengers Project.

Google announced in a tweet that there will be a special panel at the Game Developers Conference 2019 on March 19th. As guests for the panel are planned:

  • Crystal Dynamics
  • The writer Amy Hennig
  •  Game designer Raph Koster

Why is that interesting? The two guests Hennig and Koster fit well with the job advertisements that Crystal Dynamics has released for the Avengers Project a year ago.

Amy Hennig well-suited to the role of Game Writer / Narrative Designer and their work for a long time with Crystal Dynamics on the Legacy of Kain series. Raph Koster, on the other hand, tons of experience developing MMORPGs, having worked for a long time on Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies. He also fits into the roles described in the position announcements.

It’s still not clear what role Google will play in this panel. Rumors that the Internet giant is working on its own console have been buzzing in the gaming community for years. So far, however, unconfirmed. We may learn more tomorrow at GDC 2019.