You Have To Equip This To Look Like This Bad Guy In Destiny 2


You Have To Equip This To Look Like This Bad Guy In Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, a new character appeared that has a rather somber look. So you have to equip your hunter so that he looks like this bad guy.

It’s all about Bad Guy: On 15.3. went with the invitations of Nine a new activity for annual passport owners lives. About the first invitation, Xur brought, one may speak with the messenger of Nine, who then starts a cutscene.

In this cutscene, the vagabond plays cards with a hunter who looks pretty gloomy. After a brief dialogue, this hunter threatens the vagrant with the thorn handgun, but the cunning vagabond escapes the critical situation. We embed the cutscene here:

It looks like the hunter is a shadow of Yor. Bungie also calls this character “The Shadow”, ie a shadow.

What are these shadows?

The Shadows of Yor are a group of “evil” guardians who worship the infamous dredge Yor. This was a once noble guardian who had fallen into darkness and became one of the greatest criminals. He killed other guardians to consume their light. His weapon was the “Rose”, but even this handgun was thirsting for the light of other guardians and became the thorn. Shin Malphur killed Dredgen Yor.

The Shadows of Yor carry replicas of the thorn and are considered by the Vanguard and Shin Malpur as a potential threat. Incidentally, it is clear from the cutscene that the vagabond once belonged to these dredge admirers.

So you also look like a shadow of Yor

On Reddit, user immaphantomLOL has collected the pieces of armor that you need to equip to look like Yor’s shadow. Remember that the armor pieces can only be worn by the hunter.

These are the armor parts:

  • Spook Mask – Legendary Forsaken Helmet: This is “World Gear” that does not belong to a specific group and can jump from legendary engrams
  • Galanor Fragments – Exotic Gauntlets from Forsaken: Random drop from exotic engrams
  • Sneeze Baron’s Vest – Forsaken Legendary Tank Vest: World-class gear you get by chance when you turn off the
  • Sneer Barons and from Engrams in heroic adventures and strikes on the Wirr Bay
  • Streu-horn Pants – Legendary Forsaken Legguards: You will receive this item randomly as you complete
  • Activities in the Bay of Iris and earn Rank-Up Packs in the Bay of Weirs
  • Solstice Cloak ( Reloaded ) – Rare Season 3 Hunter Cloak – This cloak could be earned at the “Solstice of the Heroes” event in 2018.

You also need:

  • Vex Descendants Chrome – Shadow of Osiris Curse: Obtained from Shine Engrams
  • Thorn – Exotic Handgun: Here we present the Thorn Quest.
  • Overall, your look looks like this:

This is how the community reacts: on Reddit, this “bad guy” look earns a lot of praise. Several write that they will imitate this look. However, the criticism is that the Keeper carries the title Blacksmith (blacksmith) and not Dredgen …

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