Anthem – Bioware About The Unfortunate Start & Upcoming Plans


Anthem – Bioware About The Unfortunate Start & Upcoming Plans

Developer Bioware also openly admits that the launch of their new IP ‘Anthem’. Been rather unfortunate and they are now trying to make the most of it.

Of course, throwing in the towel is out of the question for organic ware.

So that one has once again published a statement on the current status and future plans. Casey Hudson, General Manager at BioWare, writes :

“It was a wild ride in recent weeks and the launch rougher than expected. But then, as we looked back, we also get big new online games problems as soon as they go live. And as much as we tested them and ready to prepared to have everything ready. We also ready for the opportunity these unexpected issues that may occur at startup. And we continue to be committed to respond to them. ”

We’ve brought out a game that so many of you say is really fun at its core. We also had a number of problems that only came with millions of players. Of course, we get very disappointedly, as were many of you. I’ve always been involved with you (I’m a ranger in the colors of Edmonton Oilers!), And it saddens me to hear of issues. Which might prevent someone from enjoying the game to the fullest. I take this very personally and it is our top priority to make improvements in the fastest and safest way. ”

“So we continue to listen to your feedback. Further improvements in endgame looting and progression, game flow, stability, and performance will follow soon. So there is much more work to do. This is all a learning experience for us, and as we work to improve and perfect the game, we can not stress enough how much we appreciate you staying with us. Especially because the next stage is really exciting. ”

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