Apex Legends: Cheaters find their punishment exaggerated and get upset – bad luck!

Apex Legends

Apex Legends: Cheaters Find Their Punishment Exaggerated And Get Upset – Bad luck!

Is it alright to be malicious when cheaters are banned for life? Yes of course.

First of all, one only has to say: Who cheats and then gets banned, is to blame. Still, some Apex Legends gamers do not seem to be able to handle the fact that their cheating, their own actions, has led them to stop playing the game. Not even if they create a new account. Such a crap, too, right? No, completely justified. Because cheating in Apex Legends reduces the fun of other players – it’s just not a singleplayer game.

But let’s start at the beginning. What has happened? This is quickly explained: Some players have obtained by unfair means, so by cheating, advantages in the Battle Royale game Apex Legends. Whether they’ve used programs or hacks or anything else, it does not matter. Developer Respawn Entertainment responded by locking their accounts – forever.

So the game is gambled without cheats.

As a result, some thought they were very smart and simply created a new account to continue playing with this Apex Legends. But as it turns out, they are banned within 30 minutes again. Because the cheat protection of Apex Legends remembers the hardware of the cheater. If Apex Legends detects a player’s hardware, even if it uses another account, it will be blocked again. Respawn shows no mercy for cheaters.

However, they now feel unfairly treated, since there is probably no way for them to play Apex Legends except buying a new computer. In some forums, cheaters complain about Respawn’s actions, as Reddit user WalterMagnum reports. Some cheaters try to find a solution together in forums: But it does not help if the hardware ID or the MAC address is changed; Formatting the PC and resetting it to factory defaults also does not help, as Reddit users show.

Well, back to the beginning and to repeat it: Right, Respawn. Who cheats in a multi-player game deserves no mercy. Everyone can cheat as they like in a single player game. Who cares if a player in Skyrim uses the god mode or spawns special weapons and armor: nobody! It only affects your own game. But as soon as someone uses shooting aids, wall-hacks or other cheats in a multiplayer game, this destroys the fun of all other players. It’s frustrating to fight an opponent who gains cheats and thus cheats.

Of course, Respawn’s approach is harder than it may be. But to cheat in the game, after all, is a deliberate decision that has consequences. And honest gamblers can be happy that in the game cheaters are properly screened out.

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