Days Gone – Photo Mode Details & Collector’s Edition Available Again


Days Gone – Photo Mode Details & Collector’s Edition Available Again

If a game like ‘Days Gone’ already sets on impressive and wide landscapes. Then a photo mode is, of course, compulsory to record this in spectacular shots.

The development of the photo mode pursued with the aim to give the players the feeling. They hold a real camera in the hand. In addition, many features integrated, such as fade in and out of the bike. Or different facial expressions, custom frames, black frames in various shapes and sizes. Options for the “Days Gone” logo as well as 18 filters presets and much more.

When it comes to visual effects, a lens control panel will assist you to set the focus distance or adjust the aperture and film grain, for example. This also allows you to set a permanent focus point that retains sharpness no matter which way you move the camera.

Also, an advanced mode as a highlight described, in which players can miss their finished snapshots a fine tuning by adjusting 55 different settings in the control panels “lighting”, “Color Correction” and “color depth correction”.

“We worked closely with the graphics team members – some of the Hollywood veterans – to pin down the essential settings that capture the full power and flexibility of professional imaging programs. Using the same interface, our artists also worked to create the filter presets that are included in the game. Players can even use one of our presets as a starting point to learn how to use advanced mode. On this basis, they can also create their own filters and save a total of five custom presets, which can be easily reapplied later. “

Days Gone will be released on April 26, 2019.

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