DC – Suicide Squad: Next Part No Sequel, Completely New Reboot!


DC – Suicide Squad: Next Part No Sequel, Completely New Reboot!

The 2016 DC movie “Suicide Squad”

shared the opinion of many viewers and critics. So there were different reactions to the announced sequel to the film, which should appear next year. But news about the film makes the biggest skeptics look up: There will be no continuation, but a completely new reboot of the team.

The Oscar-winning movie “Suicide Squad” (no, we’re not kidding you, Suicide Squad won an Oscar for Best Makeup and Hairstyles!) Gets a second part! That was what it meant in any case until recently, to the delight and terror of many DC fans. Under the direction of James Gunn, who has kicked a few months ago because of controversial tweets from the Disney home and “Guardians of the Galaxy 3”, this should be the direction. Now for the first time news about the sequel was announced, which give the film a twist. “Suicide Squad 2” will not be a direct sequel, but a completely new reboot.

New team, New Cast

We all do not really know what’s happening in the DC movie universe right now. Ben Affleck is no longer Batman, the new Joker movie is set to be a low-budget project in the 1990s. And new releases like “Shazam” and “Aquaman” follow the Marvel scheme. They are funny now but an upcoming project leaves the fans amazed. “Suicide Squad” gets no sequel, but a complete reboot.

James Gunn, who “fired” a few months ago by controversial tweets from Disney. Known to lead the “Suicide Squad” resume. But Gunn has his own ideas: He wants to tell a completely new story with his film. Quite different from the first part. He does not want to bring any known characters back but puts his team together from new actors.

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In an interview with JoBlo,

Peter Safran, producer of the film. Revealed news about the film, which will be titled “The Suicide Squad”:

“For starters, we will not call it ‘Suicide Squad 2’. Because the movie is going to be a complete reboot, we call it ‘The Suicide Squad’. And I think the audience should be looking forward to it. I expect that I promise a lot now, but I’m sure we can deliver! “

A short time after this announcement, Disney made a statement. That James Gunn but again for the “Guardians of the Galaxy 3” produce and guide. Is this a direct setback to get in the way of Warner Bros. and DC? According to Disney Gunn can never fire, but get a break because of the controversial tweets.

Asked if this development will affect “The Suicide Squad”, Safran said:

“No, that was handled so incredibly elegant and on both sides. It is clear that Suicide Squad has priority. He will finish this film first and then switch to Guardians. It is the best of two worlds, I am sure for fans and for James Gunn himself! “

Official release dates are not yet known. But it is clear that after the controversy that many thoughts were the end of James Gunn. The director and screenwriter with two huge film project better than ever before.