Destiny 2: Weekly-Reset On 19.3. – You Get To Do That Today


Destiny 2: Weekly-Reset On 19.3. – You Get To Do That Today

Destiny 2 has Weekly Reset today, March 19th. What activities you get to do now, you will learn here at a glance.

The big hustle and bustle around the start of Season 6 have meanwhile flattened again. The major innovations, such as Gambit Prime, the billing or invitations of the Nine, are now known and have been played by many guardians. The Loyalty Quest and the Dorn Quest are also active.

This happens today in Destiny 2: Nevertheless, even in the third week of Season 6 something is required:

  • Update has been added. This happened right before today’s Weekly reset. It fixes problems with
  • powerful premiums, among other things.
  • In Gambit-Prime comes the map “Legion-Prunkbau”.
  • In addition, many activities are reset with the Weekly Reset. We’ll take a look at them now.
  • Twilight Strikes on 19.3. on PS4, Xbox One and PC

Between these three twilight strikes you can choose:

  • Foreign terrain
  • The arms dealer
  • Will of the thousands

The recommended power level is 540. Remember that the loadout is locked. With the challenge card of Xur, you can miss the Nightfall various modifiers.

Here you will find the Nightfall-specific bonuses that are exclusive to the Twilight Strikes.

So you get powerful bonuses from the twilight strikes:

  • Complete a nightfall
  • Complete the Nightfall with at least 100,000 points
  • Story missions and strikes

The heroic story missions and the vanguard strikes have these modifiers:

  • Arkus-scorching
  • Grounded
  • grenadier

The scorching modifier stays the whole week until March 26th. The other two modifiers change daily.

So get your powerful loot:

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  • Complete 3 heroic story missions
  • Complete 3 heroic strikes with a focus on the same Light element as a member of your squad
  • Melting Pot Activities and Gambit

In PvP these tasks are waiting for you:

  • Quickplay
  • Competitively
  • lock
  • Rumble
  • private Match

So get your powerful loot in PvP and Gambit:

  • Complete 5 Crucible Matches
  • Deny 3 Gambit matches
  • Deny 4 Gambit Prime matches

The vagabond stands in the cultivation of the tower. He has weekly forays for Gambit Prime and this for normal Gambit: “At the Mill” (earn points by defeating enemies and Hüer and dropping off particles). This one makes a mighty bonus jump. You can also earn powerful equipment through billing games.

Escalation protocol this week

In the escalation log on Mars, you can earn this pretty weapon:

The legendary shotgun IKELOS_SF_v1.0.1

Flashpoint, Ada-1, Petra, Spider, Raid

  • Flashpoint is in the European Death Zone. There you can also play a heroic adventure in order to additionally come to Mighty Loot.
  • Ikora Rey orders you to complete 20 or more forays for a Mighty Reward. In addition, if you swear allegiance to the Vanguard, you will receive the Loyalty Bonus from her. Otherwise, there’s the premium at the vagabond.
  • Ada-1 has weapon forms for the sniper rifle, the sword, and the automatic rifle.
  • Petra is on the shore (Curse Cycle Week 1). The mission is “Broken Messenger”. In addition, you receive powerful rewards through 8 daily forays and the Ascendant Challenge. This is the Ascendant Challenge.

Spider invites you to the blood splitter .

Hawthorne has Powerful Gear when you collect 5,000 Clan XP. She has only weekly forays, no more daily. There are Mighty Rewards over the Weekly. The Raid Challenge is located in the pleasure gardens.

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The Raid Prestige Tracts require a kinetics MP, any energy weapon, and a grenade launcher. Prism is active. In the Everversum, the highlights are the Praxian splendor (exotic sparrow), an ornament for the sacred heart and an ornament for the rat king.

Stay Tuned For More Updates