Developer Of Anthem says: We Are Also Sad About The Launch


Developer Of Anthem says: We Are Also Sad About The Launch

The general manager of BioWare, the company behind Anthem, addresses the community with an emotional letter. Casey Hudson addresses the tough start and gives hope for the future.

Who’s speaking? Casey Hudson (on the cover picture) is the general manager of BioWare. In a letter to the community, the developer talks about the problems of recent weeks. Hudson describes the time since the launch as a “wild ride.”

This is Hudson’s assessment: He says they have released a game that many players say is fun at its core, but also has many problems.

What are the problems of Anthem? Since the launch Anthem has been struggling with serious technical defects. There are numerous bugs and breakdowns. Another problem is loot balancing. The drop rates and the value of the loot feel unsatisfactory for players.

The current status of Anthem we have summarized here for you: Launch was harder than expected for BioWare.
BioWare had not expected that: BioWare had prepared itself with tests for the launch of Anthem and one expected also with start difficulties. But some problems did not materialize, according to Hudson, when millions of players were actually in Anthem.

Developers were aware that new online games in most cases struggle with problems when they go live. The problems that arose shortly after the launch then came unexpectedly for the developers. That’s what Hudson says about the launch:

Of course, we were very disappointed [like the launch], just like many of you. I’ve been with you from the start (I’m a ranger in Edmonton Oilers colors!) And it saddens me to hear about issues that prevent someone from enjoying the game to the fullest. I take it personally and it’s our top priority to bring you improvements as fast and as well as possible. BioWare has already made more than 200 improvements to Anthem via updates and patches.

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One would like to continue to respond to the feedback of the players. Soon there will be new updates on Endgame, Loot, Progress, Game-Flow, Stability, and Performance. This is just a learning experience for BioWare. BioWare still wants to show what Anthem really can do: Hudson points out the planned content of Anthem. There will be a series of world events, a new story, and new features.

Later in the spring comes the Cataclysm who is to turn the world of Anthem on its head:

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