Epic Games Spies On Steam Users


Epic Games Spies On Steam Users

The Epic Games Store apparently reads the Steam user data without being asked. Valve has now announced an investigation into the incident.

Apparently, the Epic Games Store has read out user data such as Steam’s friend’s list or playing times. Epic Games has even already admitted this and announced that it will ask Steam users for permission in the future. Valve, for its part, has announced an investigation because it is private user data that may not be used by other programs. Even if Epic Games asks for permission, it still does not meet Valve’s guidelines.

Why Epic does not just use the official Steam API is unclear. However, the Epic Games Store was already in the past because of poor privacy policies in the criticism.

And another step by Epic Games has been heavily criticized by users this week.

A Twitter user asks Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games:

“Please explain why The Division 2 cannot be sold by third parties.”

Tim Sweeney answers:

“UbiSoft has agreed to a co-exclusive offering on UPlay and the Epic Games Store. Epic Games is looking for exclusive games and then a unique set of games to give players another reason to come to our store. ”

What this is about are Epic Store Keys for The Division 2. Even if games appear exclusive in just one store, such as the Epic Store or Steam, there is usually still the opportunity to buy keys from third-party vendors. A game like Overwatch can only be played in Battlenet, a key that can be redeemed in Battlenet but can be bought on third-party sites like Humble Bundle. This usually means a higher stake for the developer. Epic Games does not allow this with The Division 2. For many users, this behavior contradicts the pro-developer and pro-competition theme that Epic Games actually spells out. 2 years ago, Tim Sweeney made himself still strong for the PC as an open platform without restrictions by companies. In an interview with PC Gamer he said:

“One thing that I think a very important in the future is that the PC remains an open platform. So that any user can install programs from any developer without any restrictions and be sure that no company. Microsoft has involved Use violence as a universal middleman and force developers to sell through them instead of directly to the customer. ”

That sounds more like the opposite of store exclusivity, which is now often a topic for Epic Games.

How do you rate the behavior of Epic Games? The spying on of user data and their handling of exclusive titles does not bring any sympathy points to the online store, which has already been criticized by users more often.

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