ESO: 5 Things You Should Do Now To Get You Ready For Elsweyr


ESO: 5 Things You Should Do Now To Get You Ready For Elsweyr

The Elder Scrolls Online launches in June with the new chapter addon Elsweyr. This will be one of the biggest enhancements for the game so far and if you want to be optimally prepared, you should definitely do the following before launch.

When is Elsweyr coming?

The next chapter in ESO is Elsweyr. That comes on June 4 for the PC and a little later for PS4 and Xbox One. Elsweyr will offer a great new region, dragons as new world bosses and a whole new class. So there is plenty to do now if you want to prepare for the new gaming experience.

It’s best to start with these things now

New add-ons always bring additional items and raids. And the new class of necromancer also wants to be supplied with equipment early. So you do not spend days working on farming and grinding to start the new addon, you should do as much as possible before. Best now.

Why is it so important to have set? There are tons of special sets of items in ESO. The more parts of a set you have, the better bonus effects you get. Depending on the role and style of play you need different sets and if you want to tackle the new dungeons and the raid in a heavy mode as soon as possible, good sets are essential.

So you should get to work and farm the set pieces in dungeons and exams that you need for your heroes. This can take a long time, so start early.

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A list of set items in ESO can be found here.

What are transmutation stones? These items are extremely important because the properties of your found equipment are randomly diced. So if you find an awesome item from a coveted set that stupidly has meaningless traits for you, then you can change that with 50 transmutation crystals.

Since you just want to have good equipment for the necromancer, you should farm as many stones as possible. Just stupid that the transmutation crystals have a limit of 100 pieces. ESO Plus subscribers have 200, but that’s not enough.

That’s how you go around the limit: Fortunately, the crystals usually come in their raw form as transmutation geodes. These, in turn, can be stacked indefinitely. So farm the geodes and turn them into crystals if you need them directly.

Where are the stones? Among other things, transmutation stones are available in the following activities:

  • Veteran Vows of the Intrepid
  • Complete a first dungeon (Normal or Veteran) through the Group Finder (daily)
  • Weekly quests on exams
  • Ranked Fights in PvP
  • Campaign Rewards in Cyrodiil PvP
  • Malstrom and Dragon Star Arena in Veteran Mode
  • Farm upgrade materials

What are the upgrade materials? These items are there to increase the quality of items in crafting. So, with enough materials, you can craft a shabby gray item into a glorious, legendary, golden item.

TESO crafting

But the materials are in demand and you need tons of it. Especially if you start a new necro-hero and want to have the same cool equipment.

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Where can I get upgrade material? There are several methods for how you get the coveted materials:

  • Get rid of crafting writing in the big cities and you’ll often get high-quality upgrade materials if you do a
  • wretched job.
  • Decomposes high-quality items. There come out more useful upgrades more often. Items are best farmed in
  • public dungeons.
  • Invest skill points in the best crafting followers. Thanks to this skill, you will receive free material every day in
  • each craft. Among them are often upgrade materials. Maximize the yield by hiring multiple crafting heroes and
  • rummaging around for the Mats daily.
  • Get resources and ingredients
  • Why is it so important to equip yourself in advance? You should heed this tip as soon as possible. For effective
  • crafting of items, buff food, and upgrades, you need tons of material.

ESO anniversary

Especially glyphs and ingredients for potions and food are important. But just for the launch of a new addon, the prices for this stuff in the trading houses are very high. Take the lead and get a large supply of useful stuff right now. So, ideally, you’re farming materials right now and get some from disassembling excess stuff or your craft followers.

Get items for faster leveling

Why should you level fast? ESO actually lets you play all content without a maximum level, but you’ll only get your cool skills and features at higher levels. So if you start a new hero, preferably necrosis, then you certainly want to reach the maximum level quickly.

ESO Malatar Warthstone apparition

How to level faster: This is particularly fast with a special leveling gearset. Build a set of items with the property “Teaching”. This always gives you an XP bonus. In addition, you should stock up thick with scrolls for additional XP. You get it very easy and free if you log in daily. There is a free item every time, often a role. And if you start now, you have a lot of free items and enough rolls for the Elsweyr launch.

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You should therefore at least briefly look into ESO daily. On occasion, you can also do your craft-writing and accumulate material. Is video complacent? A list of these useful tips can also be found in the YouTuber Alcast in a video:

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