Killing Floor – Double Feature Announced For The Anniversary


Killing Floor – Double Feature Announced For The Anniversary

Tripwire Interactive announces its ‘Killing Floor – Double Feature’. Which consists of Killing Floor: Incursion, Killing Floor 2 and, as a bonus, Mrs. Foster as a playable character.

The best chapters in the Killing Floor universe thus appear as a bundle at an unbeatable price and promise. A (blood) splashy pleasure for PlayStation 4 and VR fans. The bloodthirsty bundle includes the co-op survival shooter Killing Floor 2 and the VR survival horror shooter. Killing Floor: Incursion (for PlayStation VR). The boxing version of Killing Floor. Double Feature also includes all the seasonal content released since the release of the main game for Killing Floor 2 and. As a special free bonus, fan favorite Mrs. Foster as a playable character. Killing Floor. Double Feature is the perfect way for newbies to enter the world of the ever-evolving. Killing Floor franchise, which continues to provide high-quality add-on content.

About Killing Floor 2

In Killing Floor 2, players join a ragtag group of civilians, soldiers. And mercenaries allying against the murderous waves of the Zeds. The Zeds are terrible and fearsome clones that came to Earth after Horizon Corporation unleashed the outbreak of a gruesome pandemic. Throughout the game, players create their own personal arsenal of weapons through various classes. Perks, and countless weapons, ranging from traditional rifles to wicked “special weapons.” Adapted to their style of play, it can easily fight entire hordes of Zeds. With six-player survival mode, a full 12 player Versus Survival mode, regular updates with free maps,

About Killing Floor Incursions

In Killing Floor: Incursion, players assume the role of a Horizon security force. Which has been implemented into a neuro-active simulation? In doing so, they discover the grim and confused effects of the original pandemic, triggered by the Horizon Corporation. For the fierce battle, the players have countless crazy guns and bladed weapons, even severed limbs of their enemies available. The goal of the game is not only the successful fight against the relentless hordes of Zeds. But also the clarification of the true cause of this mysterious mission. In addition to the meticulous attention to detail with mutilations and blood effects including flying guts. The Killing Floor franchise is also known for the energetic co-op multiplayer mode and its survival mode. Killing Floor:

The Killing Floor – Double Feature will be released May 21, 2019.

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