Netflix – Love, Death & Robots: 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss This Series!


Netflix – Love, Death & Robots: 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss This Series!

With “Love, Death & Robots” Netflix brings us a new anthology series in the style of “Black Mirror”. Again, we experience several stories in the mostly dystopian background, underlaid with much violence, sex and above all one: robots. We’ll tell you why you should not miss this series!

You long for a suitable alternative to the anthology series Black Mirror, which has been frightening and exciting audiences with their dark stories for several years now? Then we have just the right thing for you! With “Love, Death & Robots”, film legends Tim Miller (“Deadpool”) and none other than David Fincher (“Fight Club”) have produced an animated series that is even more powerful in terms of violence. In 18 episodes we experience the most diverse stories of several worlds, characters, and robots that often end in death and destruction. We’ll tell you five reasons why you should absolutely look at “Love, Death & Robots”!

1. Soooo much violence

Well, if you already read the names Tim Miller and David Fincher, then you know that the end product can only become brutal and strange. And so is “Love, Death & Robots”. After the first episode, it’s clear that this series is not child’s play. The 18 episodes, animated and written by different creative minds, often end in a bloodbath. Be it exciting xenomorphic wrestling matches with robotic monster hybrids, a misguided space mission, the search for the real Dracula or the revenge of a Chinese lust goddess: this is not saved in terms of bloodshed.

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Generally, the series is repeatedly described as “NSFW” (“Not safe for work”). Parents should not be fooled by the medium of the animation/cartoons genre: children are definitely not in front of the screen! The series has an FSK 18 and rightly so. So if you feel like much (not always pointless) carnage and blood, is with “Love, Death & Robots” just right.

2. Sex and bare skin

“Black Mirror” has given us a lot of material in recent years to brood over our handling of technology. That also wants “Love, Death & Robots”, but here you go even further. Because even though “Black Mirror” can become pretty bleak, the series has not really shown much in terms of sex and nude skin yet. And in the days of Game of Thrones, where naked spectators are not new to viewers in their non-adult series, “Love, Death & Robots” has a lot to offer as well.

Not infrequently we asked ourselves when watching the consequences: Is that pornographic? But the series always stays pretty tasteful. Nudity and sex not only serve as a fetishization of the characters, they always provide in most cases an added value for the frame or the context of the action. In addition, this nudity is not just imposed on women in the series, as is still often the case in sci-fi series and movies. With “Love, Death & Robots” everyone drops their covers and so we watch Episode 10, in which naked werewolf soldiers in Iraq hunt down other Taliban werewolves, as one of the best episodes of the series.

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3. Incredible animation

Apart from superficial things like violence and sex, “Love, Death & Robots” offers one thing above all else: breathtaking animation. Each of the 18 episodes does not just tell a single story, the animation styles also vary greatly from episode to episode. Sometimes the story is told in photorealistic motion capture, then again in simple animated format. Some episodes follow the anime scheme, other simple 2D video game graphics. The creators of the series attach great importance to the special use of the various forms of animation and each of them gives the individual stories an extravagant touch.

So if you’re a fan of animation and animation, then with “Love, Death & Robots” you’ll experience some of the most unique genres of the genre that we were recently able to admire on “Spiderman: A New Universe”.

4. To laugh, to cry, to scare, …

Although themes such as violence and brutality are never neglected in “Love, Death & Robots”, the series offers much more than slaughter and dystopia. As already mentioned, the 18 episodes always tell a unique story for themselves. Some of them are not scary or brutal at all. Already in Episode 2, we follow three robots on their tourist trip to Earth, which has not been inhabited by humans for centuries. Using hilarious dialogue, the robots try to find out how people used to live in the past and what brought them to their ruin.

In general, many episodes of “Love, Death & Robots” are always equipped with a touch of socio-critical undertone and often pose in a satirical form the question of the meaning of technology and consciousness. The series also covers topics related to abuse, drug use, slavery, and artificial intelligence.

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5. Impressive cast and good reviews

In addition to Tim Miller and David Fincher, who have brought us dark and brutal-comic stories with “Deadpool,” “Fight Club”, “Alien 3” and “Gone Girl” in recent years, we find in “Love, Death & Robots “also some animated and cartoon legends make their appearance. Furthermore, the series offers an impressive cast. Among them are Mary Elizabeth Winstead (“Scott Pilgrim vs. the rest of the world”). Samira Wiley (“Orange is the New Black”), Topher Grace (“Interstellar”) and Gary Cole (“Pineapple Express”) Voices and faces.

Incidentally, viewers and critics have been very much at peace with the show so far. Many praise her for her special style, as each episode is only between 7 and 18 minutes long. In addition, viewers agree that the often left open ends offer more scope for a possible second season.

So we can warmly recommend “Love, Death & Robots” as you can see. You can stream the series to Netflix now!

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