Netflix – You VS. Wild: New Choose-Your-Own Adventure In “Bandernatch” Style With Bear Grylls Announced!


Netflix – You VS. Wild: New Choose-Your-Own Adventure In “Bandernatch” Style With Bear Grylls Announced!

It was only a matter of time before Netflix announced another interactive project after the successful Black Mirror chore-own-adventure episode “Bandersnatch”.

In which we were allowed to decide the fate of the characters themselves. “You vs. Wild “is the name of the new series in which we adventurers. Bear Grylls should help with a click of our decisions to survive in the wild. In the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure episode of the famous Netflix series Black Mirror. We were allowed to decide on the action of the character Stefan Butler, who is driven to the brink of madness by the programming of his video game Bandersnatch.

Due to the massive success of this novel viewer experience. The streaming service is not long in coming and has announced a new project in the same style. “You vs. Wild “is the name of the new interactive series in which viewers can accompany the famous adventurer. Bear Grylls on his travels and help him to survive the dangers of the wilderness.

You against the wilderness

German-speaking viewers will probably know Bear Grylls through his series “Exposed in the Wild”. Which has been airing on DMAX for several years? Even in the US, the British adventurer and documentary filmmaker is a big name. Here he takes in his hit series “Running Wild” famous actors and personalities. On his adventures and exposes them to the wild dangers of Mother Nature.

Now its original mission, “Man vs. Wild, in which he travels through the wilderness every week. In the most extreme circumstances, one more level. With “You vs. Wild “wants Netflix to build on the success of” Bandersnatch “. The series by Bear Grylls and releases its first interactive series for adults. Here, the audience should decide for themselves on the fate of the British. Help him to survive dangerous situations and even slip into the role of the adventurer.

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In the Choose Your Own Adventure mode, viewers are given multiple choices that can have various implications for the upcoming action and for the end.

In a statement, Grylls expressed with anticipation on the series:

” I am so proud to publish the very first interactive series of its kind. Thus, viewers can follow me up close on my travels and slip into my shoes. The risk is really high in the series! “

In addition to a poster, Netflix released the first trailer to the series. In which you can already get in the Choose Your Own Adventure style first impressions of the series.

What do you think of the idea that Netflix releases more and more projects in interactive style? “You vs. Wild ” soon released on Netflix on April 10, 2019!

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