New Server Structure At Atlas Cuts The Community – That’s How The Players React


New Server Structure At Atlas Cuts The Community – That’s How The Players React

In the Captains Log, the developers of Atlas talk about innovations. This time it was all about the PvP and test servers. But the announced innovations encounter incomprehension in the community.

What should change on PvP?

Grapeshot Games has announced that they want to bet on three different game modes in the future:

  • A PvE mode
  • PvP mode with small companies
  • A PvP mode with big companies
  • So the developers want to support both players who work in huge companies and alliances, as well as the players who are more likely to be in smaller groups.

Where is the March patch? In addition, the developers announced the delay of the announced March patch. This should come only at the end of March/beginning of April on the test server. An exact date for the release of the patch does not exist.

Will the different game modes destroy the MMO?

In the Atlas Reddit much is discussed about the new announcement. Although big companies are a problem, many players are dissatisfied with the announcement.

What’s wrong with the companies? Companies are the guilds in Atlas and make players play together. But these companies are currently too big so that some of them dominate large parts of the game. The upcoming March patch is to reduce the number of members already to 250 players and limit an alliance to a maximum of four companies. Many players were still not enough.

Therefore, the developers have now responded and initiated a separation of the PvP server for large and small companies. But exactly this separation refuses the players now also.

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This is what the community says: Different users point out that Atlas will hardly own the numbers of players to support both PvP modes.

The user real anything writes:

I am not sure how to find not only the division of the player base, but the division into three different game modes.

Nuclear12346 gets even more drastic in his words:

It’s funny that developers think they have a player base.

Oh man, everyone I’ve talked to before is not interested in the game since the last Captains Log. And now they want to distribute the others [..].

Wildshot, your game is dead in the water and there is no lifeline.

Background of the statements: Most of the critical statements also highlight the frustration that spread after the announcement of the servers being reset. This reset considered by most players as a mistake because play progress is lost. In addition, everyone now knows that they playing for weeks, and especially for the next few weeks, without their progress being saved.

In addition, the Captains log delayed by a few days and then contains only negative information for the players. This reinforced her disappointment.

What about Atlas?

Much for Atlas now depends on the next big patch. This will show if after resetting the server and separating the player everything continues as usual.

Because although the MMO criticized in the beginning very much and also brought many errors. Being good player statistics over time.

Even our author Sascha did not understand until late, what all at Atlas find:

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