Pokémon GO: That’s Why There Could Be A New Shine In The Event Tomorrow


Pokémon GO: That’s Why There Could Be A New Shine In The Event Tomorrow

In Pokémon GO, a new Shiny could soon be waiting for you. The plant event starts and could probably bring a new dazzling version with it.

Therefore, a new Shiny could come: The planting event starts tomorrow, March 19th, in Pokémon GO. So far, no new Shiny has officially been confirmed. Nevertheless, chances are not bad if you look at past events.

In other events of this kind, Shinys soon published again and again. Recently, this was the case with the fight event and Shiny Machollo and Menki.

These Shinys could be published

Which Pokémon are announced? The official announcement of Niantic is about the following Pokémon:

  • Oddish
  • Owei
  • Sunday core
  • Plant Event Pokemon GO
  • This Pokémon will be in the Plant Event
  • Which Pokémon could be released as a Shiny? Sonnkern is already available as Shiny, so you can already
  • delete this from the list.

On Reddit, Myrapla is considered the hottest Shiny candidate. After all, it is on the picture for the announcement (see cover picture) to see and otherwise has no major role in the meta.

Shiny Myrapla Pokemon GO

This is how the Shinys of the Myrapla family looks like. For Pokémon GO they are not yet confirmed. Also, Owei and Knilz could be released as Shiny. At Owei, however, many players are thinking of a renewed Easter event. After all, Owei consists of 6 eggs, suitable for an Easter event. Nevertheless, one can not rule out that Owei will also be released as Shiny.

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Why is Shiny so likely?

Niantic likes to release new shinys in such events. There was hardly any event lately, in which there was no new Shiny. So it would be very surprising if there is no Shiny now. But even this should not be ruled out.

When does the event start? On March 19th at 9 pm, the plant event starts. At the latest then we will see if a new Shiny will find his way into the game.

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