PS4 Pro: What Speaks For The Purchase; Or Wait For The PS5?


PS4 Pro: What Speaks For The Purchase; Or Wait For The PS5?

At the present time of the current generation, one often faced with the question. Whether the purchase of a PS4 or PS4 Pro is worthwhile at all. While messages about the next generation cook ever higher. Is the purchase still worth it or should I rather wait for the PS5? A difficult question that certainly associated with considerable investment.

While the base PS4 is now recommended as the most affordable entry-level variant, the PS4 Pro still impresses with technical game highlights. It clearly offers better graphics performance and the most fluid gaming experience to date on a console. This also benefits numerous AAA titles, but also VR games that run more seamlessly on the PS4 Pro and sometimes shine with a 4K resolution, so all the arguments that one leads with the next generation.

4K games for the PS4 Pro

Especially games that rely on a 4K resolution, are the reason why hardcore-Konsoleros grab the PS4 Pro. Recent examples include the current Assassin’s Creed games, FIFA 19, God of War, HITMAN 2, and a few others. If you want to experience these titles in even sharper resolution. And with more visual effects you cannot beat a PS4 Pro.
The 4K games are worthwhile, however, only if the necessary equipment is available. Said the largest possible 4K TV, features like HDR and of course enough space in front of it. On top, of course, a home theater is never wrong. With the game experience is rounded off to a significant extent. With a classic 1080p screen, on the other hand. You often forego the higher resolution, but still, benefit from better performance. VR enthusiasts will also get their money’s worth with the PS4 Pro and will usually benefit from slightly better graphics and better performance, which is even more important here.

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The competitive games: God of War and Spider-Man

For the PS4 Pro speak, as mentioned, especially the graphically appealing titles that look a little better on the high-end model of the Sony console than on the regular PS4. These include current games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Marvel’s Spider-Man and, of course, God of War using dynamic scaling to make the graphics even smoother. Graphically less elaborate games even make it to a native 4K display, for example, WipEout. Mandatory titles on the PS4 Pro are now also numerous, with many titles default to improved details and shaders and modern 1080p supersampling set to enhance the graphics.

Of course, one of the current competitive games for the PS4 Pro is and remains Marvel’s Spider-Man ( our review ). For developers, Insomniac Games the PS4 Pro optimization was in the center of attention, in order to catch the striking dynamic, which one knows otherwise from the films ago, also perfectly in the play. However, the title is also worth a look on the PS4 basis. If that’s not enough examples, the only4gamers website has put together a more detailed listing of PS4 titles that will be fully featured on the PS4 Pro.

Should I wait for the PS5?

As you can see, there are many reasons why the PS4 Pro is by no means out of date and the purchase is still worthwhile. The PS5 may somehow come within reach, but there is still a lot going on for the next generation. Rather, you should look forward to upcoming highlights such as Days Gone, Dreams, Death Stranding or The Last of Us: Part II, all of which are announced for the current generation and as far as you could see, a true graphics party on the PS4 Pro become. Not to forget: with the launch of a new generation, the current is by no means obsolete and usually supported many years later with new games. So there is hardly a better time to go to the PS4 or PS4 Pro now.

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