Red Dead Online – An Outlook On The Future

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online – An Outlook On The Future

Rockstar today gives a further look at the upcoming content in ‘Red Dead Online’. Which will eventually leave the beta phase?

So you can look forward to new showdown and racing modes in the coming weeks. As well as new free,  roam events and numerous optimizations based on the player feedback.

Highlights include:

The Hostility System builds on the anti-griefing measures. With intelligent and responsive features that players experience through confrontation and PvP action around the world. For example, players who take damage from attackers can defend themselves without bounties or hostilities.

Offensive / Defensive Playing Style Options. Some players just want to dive into the world, ride, hunt, and fish in peace. This would also make it possible to co-exist comfortably with other players in the world. The offensive play style is similar to the current Free Roam game. While the defensive playstyle is an advanced version of the passive mode concept developed for Red Dead online ground awareness experiences. This gives players more flexibility in interacting with the world. As well as hostile contact with other players.

In addition to these changes, updates also planned for the character editor. Restructured daily challenges and much more, including other game content. All details about the planned changes can be found on the Rockstar Newswire.

Stay Tuned For More Updates

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