These Are The 6 Best Heroes In Skylanders: Ring Of Heroes For F2P Players


These Are The 6 Best Heroes In Skylanders: Ring Of Heroes For F2P Players

In Skylanders: Ring of Heroes, rare characters are often much better than those with fewer stars. MyMMO author Robert introduces you in an animal list some heroes, but you can farm without the use of real money and beyond the top units can bring the water.

What’s the problem with the very rare heroes? Units in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes have a certain base number of stars. In general, figures with a high base-star number are much rarer than heroes, which can be summoned with 2 stars. So you’ll find much fewer soul stones for 5-Star Base Unit Astroblast than for Wham-Shell, which has only 2 stars as its initial value.

As a result, it’s nearly impossible to bring rare units to their maximum level because you have no way to collect the needed soulstones. Instead, you’ll need to use the summoning portal, which is not a viable option for free-to-play (F2P) players, as you will not find enough jewels (the real money currency in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes) to use them elsewhere anyway.

However, there are enough Skylanders that you can really farm without having to strain your luck. But which heroes are good? We’ll show you a selection of heroes of various roles and elements who, with a little patience, can easily take you to the highest level, where you do not have to hide behind the other top heroes.

Note: This is not an illustration of the very best units in the game. However, top heroes such as Astroblast, Buckshot or Knight Mare are hiding behind a gigantic paywall that F2P players are unlikely to crack even in months. The heroes listed here are also shown in random order.

Ka-Bumm – explosions, baby!

Stars – Min 2 / Max 6

Weaknesses – Water / Tech

Role – attack

Strengths – Air / Ghost

That’s why Ka-Bumm is so good: Ka-Bumm can not only reach high attack scores, but also cause his opponents to explode, causing massive bonus damage after a few rounds. Thus, the unit a top choice in longer boss battles. But his other attacks are very efficient, especially at a high level and moreover meet more than one opponent.

These skills are provided by Ka-Bumm: Ka-Bumm has only three active skills to choose from. However, Ka-Bumm does not have passive or leader skills due to his low base star count of 2.

  • Traptanium Cannonballs (Active) – Hurls cannonballs at an enemy and decreases their attack power for 1 round. Also hits a random second opponent twice.
  • Cannon Jump (Active) – The cannon jump triggers the exploding effect on the opponent, which starts after 6 rounds and causes strong bonus damage. In its awakened form, the cannon jump is directed against all opponents.
  • Rocket Rain (Active) – Rocket Rain is especially effective against bosses. Ka-Bumm focuses 9 seconds and then attacks. In the attack, 3 buffs are removed from the opponent and there is a 30% chance that the opponent will be critically hit.

Which skills should I use when? In the arena and normal missions, you should use the Traptanium Cannonballs and the Cannon Jump. For boss battles, you exchange the cannonballs for the rocket-rain. Although Ka-Bumm takes longer to perform the skill, he does significantly more damage.

Which runes should I equip with Ka-Bumm? Ka-Bumm is an Attack Unit, so be sure to equip 4 Strike Runes to get the set bonus of + 25% Attack. The remaining two slots should be invested in focus runes to increase the accuracy of the blast attacks.

Where can I find the soul stones for Ka-Bumm?

The best thing about Ka-Bumm is undoubtedly the fact that you can farm his soulstones relatively easily and early in the game. To bring Ka-Bumm to the awesome shape with the maximum number of 6 stars, you need a proud 1175 Soul Stones, but you can farm them quickly with a mediocre squad.

Go to World 3 (Hell’s Volcano) in Stages 3.1 through 3.6 on Normal Difficulty. You unlock this once you have defeated the boss on the easy difficulty level. Use strong water or tech unit, as they are especially effective against the local fire monsters. Use the car fight to speed up the process.

Incidentally, it is enough to farm Mission 3.1. The surviving soul stones are completely random and do not differ between 3.1 and 3.6. The enemies in 3.1, however, are easier to defeat and therefore speed up the farm process.

That’s how long it takes to farm all Soulstones: To get 1175 Soulstones, you have to farm around 52 hours and invest 15,600 Energy per average of 3 Soulstones per ten battles. After all, in the same breath, you’ll get Soulstones for the villain Smoke Scream, which you can definitely upgrade once you’ve got all the soulstones for Ka-Bumm together.

Element – Tech

Stars – Min 3 / Max 6

Weaknesses – life / earth

Role – expert

Strengths – fire / magic

That’s why Boomer is so good: Boomer, like Ka-Bumm, is a unit specialized in explosions. Accordingly, both units harmonize well in the composite. As a bonus, Boomer can even increase the Attack value of all friendly units.

Boomer brings along these skills: like Ka-Boom, Boomer only has three active skills, but these harmonize perfectly with each other.

  • Dynamite Throw (Active) – This skill throws a dynamite stake at the opponent and triggers the explode status.
  • When the timer expires, the explosion causes massive bonus damage. In the awakened form, this skill is even directed against all opponents.
  • Troll Bomber Boots (Active) – The Troll Bomb Boots deal damage to an opponent, but also provide a Buff of Attack value to allies.
  • Troll Destruction (Active) – Boomer immediately attacks all enemies and reduces the explosion timer by 2 rounds for each opponent dealt with this debuff.

    Which skills should I use when? It depends on whether your boomer plays in conjunction with Ka-Bumm. If you use Ka-Bumm attacks that explode on enemies, you use the Troll Bomb Boots and the Troll Shatter. In boss battles, troll shattering is also helpful in getting the boss to explode faster.

Which runes should I equip with Boomer? As with Ka-Bumm, you should focus on the strike (4) and focus (2) rune sets to increase both the damage output and accuracy of the blast attack.

Where can I find the soul stones for boomers? To fully develop and awaken Boomer, you need 1201 Soulstones. Fortunately, you can also relatively easily farm soul stones for boomers. For this, you must have unlocked the normal version of the abandoned factory (World 6). You can find the Soul Stones in Stages 6.1 through 6.6 in both the normal and heavy output.

Again, it is enough again to farm the first mission via car fight. Use strong Life and Earth units as they are especially effective against tech units.

That’s how long it takes to farm all Soulstones: In order to get all 1201 Soulstones, you have to farm about 53 hours of Energy per 10 completed battles for a yield of 3 Soulstones. This is under the proviso that you can complete the 10 car battles in about 8 minutes.

Element – fire

Stars – Min 3 / Max 6

Weaknesses – Water / Tech

Role – expert

Strengths – Air / Ghost

Why is Blast Zone so good? Blast Zone is the ideal sidekick to Boomer and Ka-Buum, as it can also explode opponents, benefiting from a strong leader skill that increases every blast damage.

Blast Zone has these skills in their baggage: even though Blast Zone has only two active skills, the highlight is the leader skill, which increases the accuracy of blast attacks.

  • Bombing (Active) – The bombing triggers a five-round delayed explosion in an enemy. In the awakened form, this skill is aimed at all opponents.
  • Flame Breath (Active) – This dragon-like attack hits all enemies and lowers their defense value for one turn.
  • Power Bombs (Leader) – The Leader skill increases all blast damage by up to 30%. Strong!
  • Which skills should I use when? Since Blast Zone has only two active skills, this question is unnecessary. You
  • should, however, be careful to always use Blast Zone as your leader, as long as you are traveling with other blast units.

Which runes should I equip at Blast Zone? Same game as Boomer and Ka-Bumm. Equip four strike runes and 2 focus runes for maximum explosive power.

Where can I find soulstones for Blast Zone? Also for this unit you need 1201 Soulstones for the maximum development, which are a bit harder to get. Specifically, you need to farm Stage 3.7 (Hellish Volcano) on the simplest difficulty level.

That’s how long it takes to farm all Soulstones: Since you only have 3 attempts per day before you can use Jewels for further trials, the process takes much longer here. After all, you get guaranteed after every fight with Chef Pepper Jack 2 soul stones. In order to receive all 1201 Soulstones, you must farm 200 days (unless you want to use any Jewels).

Should I use a Blast Zone, Boomer, and Ka-Bumm team?

On paper, this constellation is extremely strong. You inflict devastating blast damage and can also influence your opponent’s own attack and defense. In practice, however, you will quickly discover that your team has major defenses in defense.

I would, therefore, recommend using Blast Zone with Boomer on normal missions and switching Ka Boom on boss battles. The third slot you can use is a support or defense unit. How about, for example, with Wham-Shell?

Wham-Shell – Hardshell, damned hardcore

Element – water

Stars – Min 2 / Max 6

Weaknesses – life / earth

Role – defense

Strengths – fire / magic

Why is Wham-Shell so good? The fierce-looking guy not only has great parameter scores but is also equipped with very decent skills that can bring you a significant advantage in combat. In addition, Wham-Shell is quite easy to farm, as you can get his Soul Stones in a certain world.

However, Wham-Shell has the disadvantage that as a defender, he is unable to use certain abilities to draw the attention of the enemies to himself. Its high defense value is therefore only a profit if it is attacked. Unfortunately, you can not influence this.

What skills does Wham-Shell bring? As a defensive unit, Wham-Shell can increase its own defenses and reduce enemy attack power. He has a practical passive skill that affects allies:

  • Crustaceans Combos (active) – With this ability, Wham-Shell deals damage and increases its own defense with a probability of 80%.
  • King’s Mace (Active) – This attack deals damage based on Wham-Shell’s defense value and also reduces the defense of the target. The awakened variant of the skill does more damage.
  • Water Blessing (Passive) – Water Blessing is likely to create a shield for allies in each round, reducing the damage taken.

Which skills should be used when? Since Wham-Shell only has access to two active skills, the question of the correct use is unnecessary. Which of the two abilities you use depends mainly on your opponent. Enemies with strong attacks should be assigned the appropriate debuff. You should never forget your defense.

Which runes should be equipped with Wham-Shell?

As a defensive unit, which also benefits from a high defense value, you should equip your Wham-Shell with a total of six protection runes that increase its defense by a total of 30%.

Where can I find the Soulstones for Wham-Shell?

You can farm the Soulstones for Wham-Shell in the Ninth World, the Shadowrealm. Since you get the Soulstones on the simple difficulty level, you should be able to get to the Soulstones quite quickly. Repeats Stage 9.1 again and again.

It takes you so long to collect all Soulstones: To fully develop and awaken Wham Shell, you need 1175 Soulstones. With an average yield of 3 soulstones per 10 auto-battles, the process takes about 52 hours and 15,600 energy.

However, you can also get Wham Shell in Wishingstone Summons, which should speed up the process. Also, you can get 6 additional soul stones in your guild every day.

Element – water

Stars – Min 4 / Max 6

Weaknesses – life / earth

Role – Support

Strengths – fire / magic

Why is Dive-Clops so good? This support unit is a fantastic mana generator as you skillfully use your skills. As a result, units with high mana cost are more likely to hit, effectively increasing your effectiveness. Especially in the arena and in-car battles, you can use it to make battles faster victorious for you.

What skills does Dive-Clops have?

Dive-Clops brings 3 active and one passive skill into the race. To get the most out of it, you should weigh up which skills you use.

  • Waterpedo (Active) – This ability allows you to regenerate mana as long as enemies are frozen while frozen.
  • Sonar (Active) – This attack targets all enemies and has a chance to give you a shield. The awakened form also provides a buff on the effect accuracy.
  • Sprinkle Geyser (Active) – The Geyser also targets all enemies and freezes them for a round.
  • Zeroing (Passive) – Dive-Clops can help you with your passive ability to reduce the cooldowns of skills as long as you are under the shield effect while being attacked.

    Which skills should be used when? Use the Sprinkle Geyser and send a water pip to regenerate mana. However, to benefit from his passive skill, you will need another unit that can either shield your allies or freeze enemies.

Which runes are the best for dive-clops? Use four slashes for dive-clops to increase attack power by 25%, and 2 focus runes to make his freeze attack even more effective.

Where can you farm the soul stones for Dive-Clops? To effectively farm dive-clops, you have to be a little further in the story. In fact, you need to be able to easily defeat the boss of the tenth world, the Kingdom of Heaven, on the normal difficulty level. Because unfortunately there are the soul stones only in stage 10.7.

How long does it take to collect all Soulstones for Dive-Clops? Since the battles here are limited to a maximum of 3, the process will be significantly protracted if you do not want to invest any gems. For 1210 Soulstones you need 202 days.

Accelerate your process by keeping an eye on the Magic Shop and asking your guild members (two Soul Stones daily) for help.

Element – magic

Stars – Min 4 / Max 6

Weaknesses – Water / Tech

Role – Support

Strengths – Air / Ghost

Why is Enigma so valuable?

Enigma is a magician. His attacks are designed to protect and improve your attackers. Your unit with the highest attack value will survive much longer thanks to Enigma’s abilities.

Add to that Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Enigma gives you and even more than 200 soul stones on top of it. We do not say no!

These skills are provided by Enigma: All skills are designed to strengthen your best attacker so he can deal harder and pocket more.

  • Mystic Staff (active) – This attack additionally strengthens the attack of your hero with the highest attack value.
  • Invisibility Mode (Active) – Attack an enemy and bless your best attacker, rendering him insensitive to damage (except Status effects).
  • Paradox Pound (Active) – This attack targets all enemies and buffs your allies for accuracy and effect accuracy.
  • Eye for an Eye (Passive) – This passive ability makes you invisible to your best attacker after every third attack.

Which skills should be equipped and when? The Invisibility Mode should always be with you, as it makes your attacker immune to damage. Choose for yourself whether you want to strengthen the attack power of a unit or the accuracy of the whole troop.

Which runes should be used with Enigma? To get the most out of Enigma, you should focus on 4 hit runs and 2 energy runes. Thus, you increase your attack power by 25% and your health by 10%.

How do I get the soul stones for Enigma? If you have mastered part 1 of the training missions, give yourself Skylanders: Ring of Heroes the hero Enigma. Part 2 of the training then gives you an additional 260 Soulstones.

The other soul stones are not so easy to get. For this, you have to farm the boss of the seventh world, the rainbow valley, on the difficult difficulty level.

How long will it take to get all the needed soul stones? Since you can only face the boss three times a day, it will take quite a long time to get all the soulstones you need. Less than 260 of the training missions, you will need to farm 950 Soul Stones.

So it will take you 159 days to get all the Soulstones together. Check the magic shop regularly and ask your guild for help to speed up the process.