Wild – PS4 Exclusive Adventure Apparently Still In Development


Wild – PS4 Exclusive Adventure Apparently Still In Development

The PS4-exclusive Adventure ‘Wild’ by Wild Sheep Studio and Michel Ancel is still under construction, even though all the promised updates to the game have been missing so far.

Most recently, they promised in 2017 that they could look forward to big updates to the game last year. Unfortunately, there was nothing to see or hear about the project, which has since raised the question of whether any work is still being done. Anyway, a recent trademark entry from Sony indicates that you still stick to the game. The patent was renewed on March 13, 2019, which may also suggest a speedy revelation.

In this context, there are currently also reports that a major title of a second-party studio is in the works, which has not yet been announced. Whether this is related to the wild, but can only be suspected. Perhaps the project has changed drastically since the original announcement in 2014 and will be completely represented.

You will probably learn more about this in the coming months.

Stay Tuned For More Updates

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