All About Starting The 1st Battle Pass In Apex Legends – Patch Notes For Season 1


All About Starting The 1st Battle Pass In Apex Legends – Patch Notes For Season 1

The first season of Apex Legends has finally started. You can now buy the Battle Pass and unlock great new content.

What’s in the Battle Pass?

Season 1 has the motto “Wild Borderland” and has now started. If you have the Battle Pass, you can unlock the following things in Apex Legends over several levels:

There is a kind of “a basic version of the Battle Pass” for free. In this are already included some things:

  • a skin for the new legend Octane
  • 5 loot boxes
  • 18 “stat trackers”

The Battle Pass itself contains 100 levels where you can unlock more and more loot. The highlights of the Battle Pass we have already picked out for you. More information can be found on the official website.
How much is the Battle Pass? The Battle Pass is available in 2 versions:

  • “normal” Battle Pass for 950 Apex Coins (about 9,50 €)
  •  “Battle Pass Bundle for 2800 Apex Coins (about 28 €)

The bundle instantly unlocks the first 25 levels of the Battle Pass. On Amazon, there is Apex Coins just particularly cheap.

How do I get the Battle Pass?

If you want to buy the Battle Pass, just visit the in-game menu in Apex Legends. There you will find him under the tab “Battle Pass”. If you have to recharge your account before, you can do this via the tab “Apex Coins” or on the PC directly over Origin.

If you’re playing Apex Legends on the PS4, here’s how to get the Battle Pass on PS4.

How do I play the rewards free?

There are currently no challenges for the first Battle Pass of Apex Legends. This means that you unlock the rewards of grinning. In addition to your normal experience, you collect a Season XP with the Battle Pass. With this, you will climb the stairs and earn skins, loot boxes, and apex coins.

Challenges that may increase your levels faster may come at a later time or in a later season. Apex Legends offers you the so-called “Legend Bonus”. This grants you bonus XP if you play with the respective legend.

Can I unlock the next Battle Pass?

Yes. In principle, a Battle Pass is a one-time investment, even with Apex Legends. The pass costs 950 apex coins. However, the developers have already confirmed that you can unlock up to 1000 Apex Coins in the Battle Pass. If you save these, you can buy the Battle Pass in the next season without further payment.

The patch notes for the new update

Together with the Battle Pass, the new legend Octane has been released. Octane has the following skills that were previously known by a leak :

  • Swift Mend: As long as Octane is not damaged, he heals passively
  • Adrenaline Junkie: Sacrifices 10% of Health to be 30% faster for 6 seconds
  • Launch Pad: Provides a jump platform to
  • You can unlock Octane for 750 Apex Coins (around € 7.50) or for 12,000 Legend Tokens in the in-game shop of Apex Legends.

The new legend Octane.

In addition, changes are made to some legends, which should bring a little more balance into play. Also on performance and gameplay was screwed and fixed a number of bugs. The full patch notes in English can be found on Reddit.

What else will happen in season 1 and later seasons is not yet known. But there is a roadmap of Apex Legends with rough targets.

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