Apex Legends Has His 1st Battle Pass, But The Star Is Octane Alone


Apex Legends Has His 1st Battle Pass, But The Star Is Octane Alone

The first season of Apex Legends brought a Battle Pass and many changes. But only one new feature is being celebrated aloud in the community: the new legend Octane.

Who is Octane? Octane is one of the playable legends in Apex Legends . His playing style is based on speed and crazy stunts. Octane’s abilities are all based on making him faster and more agile, with little regard for himself.

Octane was so popular before his release that professional Shroud demanded a premature nerf . The speed junkie is also extremely popular in the community.

Many fans like the gameplay, the famous streamer Dizzy plays Octane almost exclusively since his release.

Why is Octane so popular?

The new legend Octane brings variety into play. He is new and that’s why the fans rush on him. Its fast-paced style and new abilities are perfect for many people in Apex Legends.

Octane is a crazy character with witty sayings and abilities that many players seem to have wished for. Its exterior blends in beautifully with the desert landscape of the map of Apex Legends.

The combination of looks, skills and craziness makes Octane so popular with fans. He just fits.

That’s the downside: Octane’s popularity goes so far that, in the meantime, some players leave the lobby if they can not play Octane.

This seems to be the case more and more often since more and more people can afford and buy Octane .

So the community celebrates Octane: Despite this negative effect Octane rides properly on the hype wave. The fans are already creating memes for Octane , comparing them to characters from the popular Borderlands or sharing cool scenes from the game and making their own creations.

Even his background story is being discussed by the fans. Octavio “Octane” Silva is a tribute to a record holder from Titanfall 2, the basis of Apex Legends:

The Reddit user Cash_Mayo has set a speedrun record in a gauntlet by catapulting himself through an explosive grenade. So “Octane” lost his legs and it explains his finisher with the grenade.

On the other hand, some fans also give humorous swipes to Respawn. A user compares Octane because of his looks with the Overwatch hero Junkrat .

What about the Battle Pass?

Under the hype of Octane, the actual feature of Season 1 goes down a bit: The Battle Pass . This was supposed to bring new content and fuel players to play again. Instead, he disappointed many fans, as well as our author Jürgen .

Although, according to the calculations of some resourceful players, his money is more than worth it and you can earn the second Battle Pass through him , it takes most players too long. There are no challenges and so only the tedious grind remains.

Well-known greats like the new Twitch face Shroud have already guessed that the Battle Pass needs so much time because it’s supposed to be good . Apparently, despite the delay, he came too early and many fans wish that Respawn would have left more time for more content.

What do you think of Octane? Is he the best in the new patch?

Do you want to buy targeted skins for Octane? With this trick you bypass the Lootboxes of the Battle Pass:

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