Astellia Says: We Stand Out With The Astels From Other MMORPGs – But What Is That?


Astellia Says: We Stand Out With The Astels From Other MMORPGs – But What Is That?

The Asia-MMORPG Astellia should also appear here this year. With the Astels, it wants to stand out from other games. We’ll tell you what exactly is behind it.

What are Astels?

Astels are small incantations that help you fight. These should support you as you move through the game world alone. At the same time, they also bring a new tactical component into play. Since you can use up to three out of a total of 21 Astels at once, it’s up to you how you combine them.

In addition, all Astels can level and be improved by the players. So you can equip them with gems that enhance their values.

How do I get Astels?

Astels should be collected as normal while playing. Some are obtained through story quests, while others are dropped as rewards from heavy opponents or dungeon bosses. If you get an Astel twice, then this is consumed immediately and gives the already used Astels experience points.

Many different combinations

The special feature of this system is that you can combine the Astels as you like. They can be used for healing, as magicians or as tanks.

What can the Astels do? Each Astel occupies a specific role on the battlefield:

  • Knight
  • Warrior
  • Assassin
  • Scholar
  • muse
  • Mage
  • Archer

Knights are the tanks, while Warrior and Assassin focus on melee damage. Mages and Archer, in turn, cause ranged damage, while Scholars and Muses take on the role of healer. Summoning and maintaining an Astel requires a resource. The stronger the incantations are, the more resources they consume.

How many Astels are there? Currently, there are 21 different Astels, which can be divided into three strengths:

  • Servants – Weak Astels, easy to earn, require little resources
  • Guardians – Stronger Astels, need more resources
  • Saviors – Strongest Astels, but only available for a short time
  • Each of the seven combat roles is represented once in each strength.

The tactical aspect of the Astels: It can be tactically clever to use the stronger Astels and thus have a short impact on the fight. It may also be useful to call a weaker Astel and benefit from the boost over a longer period of time.

In addition, there are special combo attacks that can be performed together with the Astel. A player assassin can then use his backstab to poke behind his opponent and cause a lot of damage to him. But now that he has an Assassin Astel at his side, he also does a teleport to the enemy and performs a combined combo attack with the Backstab.

These combo attacks and the dynamic evasive role provide an interesting combat system in Astellia.

Can Astellia prevail with us?

Korea is currently doing well for Astellia. That’s why the developers want to bring it to the West. There are many changes made.

The game will be buy-to-play and will disable some content like gender-lock. Also on much pay-to-win content should be waived. In addition, the MMORPG should appear in German.

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