Destiny 2 Gets A New Update Today, Throwing You Out Of The Game


Destiny 2 Gets A New Update Today, Throwing You Out Of The Game

At Destiny 2, a new update released today, March 19th. Whom in the game at this time, thrown out. Bungie releases a new update this Tuesday, just before the Weekly reset. For this purpose, maintenance work takes place. Server downtime not planned, But get forced to download the update in a timely manner.

These are the important times today, on 19.3 .:

  • At 16 o’clock the maintenance work begins. Some features of the companion app will be unavailable.
  • At 5 pm, the update released worldwide on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Update: The hotfix installed immediately after login. He is about 30 MB in size.
  • At 17:45 you have to download the update at the latest. Who still in the game, returned to the title screen.
  • At 19 o’clock the maintenance finished and all functions get reactivated.
    During maintenance, the servers stay online. Once you update installed, you can continue playing.

What’s up with Update today? Patch Notes

Which changes are known? The full patch notes are now live. Here are the highlights:

The daily and weekly challenges displayed in the Navigator made Mighty Bonuses jump on lower power than planned. Normally, the progress should slow down from 690 power level, but before the patch was the slow progress from 650 active. The hotfix today gives you up to 690 power-level rewards at a higher power level.

According to Bungie, the aim is for the endgame progress from season to season to take about the same amount of time and effort. That means coming from 650 to 700 power level should feel similar from 600 to 650 in the previous season. The experience should be comparable.

Further changes:

Fixed an issue where you could no longer accept the Loyalty quest if the order inventory was full on acceptance.
The requirements for the weekly Gambit Prime foraging for the collector have been adjusted. So far you have collected too many particles.

  • The glass modifier removed from the pool of billing modifiers. He replaced by the prism. Prism removed last week because this modifier had a bug. Now he returns.
  • You can now trade 5 Gambit Synths for 100 Glimmer on the Vagabond.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dark Age Arsenal triumph not properly unlocked if you won Gambit matches with a complete Gambit gear set.
  • A bug that upgraded Fame Win Triumphs from previous seasons on Victories in the Vagrant Season
  • Fixed a bug where players could cancel the Blade Fire Super so they were hurled into non-playable areas.

Stay Tuned For More Updates