Destiny 2: With A New Exotic, Hunters Kill With One Hit

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Destiny 2: With A New Exotic, Hunters Kill With One Hit

With a new Season 6 Exotic, Destiny 2 can now kill hunters with one shot in PvP. But the armor exotic can do more and is worth a closer look. It’s all about this exotic: With Season 6, five new exotics have come into play, including three pieces of armor – one for each guardian class.

The hunter got the armored gloves “Lash of the Liar” donated, which can mutate him in certain situations to a powerful melee killer. So Hunter can finally compete with Titans or Warlocks in close combat.

Gauntlets “Liar’s Handshake” – That’s what the new Exotic can do

What makes the gloves? This new Armor Exotic is specifically tailored for the Arctic Acrobat Hunter. The special feature of these Gauntlets is their intrinsic perk counter strike.

If you use your Arcus melee attack or are hit by a melee attack, you can counterstrike to a powerful melee counter that heals you. The counter-strike increases your melee damage on the counterattack or the second melee attack from 100 to 300 for 4 seconds. This allows you to turn off any Keeper in the Crucible with just a melee strike.

What do you use these gloves for?

The enormous damage increase for melee combat and healing make this exotic especially interesting in PvP. In the PvE, the gloves cannot set any real accents. Gloves work best with this sub-focus: While the gloves can be used with all sub-trees of the Arcacrobat, with the top sub-focus “Way of the Warrior” the liar’s handshake creates the best synergies. The following perks are active:

  • Combo Strike: A kill with this melee ability starts health regeneration and temporarily increases melee damage
  • Combat Flow: Melee kills invigorate your alternate role
  • Deadly Range: Dodge increases melee range
  • Choose the best daredevil dodge, which boosts your melee ability while using the Dodge role.
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All the Perks of Way of the Warrior are actually very situational in themselves, as the hunters have so far had no really good punch and the benefits could therefore hardly develop. But with the liar’s handshake, the intrinsic, as well as the focus perks, can now be combined into a very effective overall package.

Here’s how you play the gloves:

Basically, you play the hunter like a titan: as soon as you are in melee range, you say “brain out and hit”. This principle is then refined with some small hunter peculiarities.

Once you have landed the first strike or hit yourself, even your close combat begins. Within four seconds, every opponent hit would be knocked out of the pines – even a hunter with active “Golden Cannons” super. Most other super can be done with a second hit. If several enemies are nearby, use your alternate role and strike them again. Now you also have an enormous melee range.

In addition, you will heal the counter-strike and the subsequent blows. A kill with a counter hit will immediately restore your health to half of your health, and the subsequent blows will regenerate it bit by bit with combo punch until you can land a counter strike kill again. Kills also charge up your role, so you can immediately jump back into the action.

If you use the combination of skills and Exotic correctly, you can also prevail against multiple opponents. Especially in outnumbered situations in a confined space, this hunter exotic can shine.

For whom are these gloves worthwhile?

It’s not an absolute must-have exotic, but depending on the situation, these new exotic gauntlets in PvP can be quite useful and powerful. Although they can shine only situational, anyone who likes to rush with the hunter into melee and prefers a corresponding style of play, they should take a closer look. Because that way you can often secure a decisive advantage especially in close combat.

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In this video from Atzecross Gaming, you can see the liar’s handshake in action.

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