Fleet Maneuvers Now Available As A PlayLink title


Fleet Maneuvers Now Available As A PlayLink title

Ubisoft launches ‘Fleet Maneuvers’, another PlayLink title for PlayStation 4, available as a free update to the previous version.

Players can use the PlayLink application to download fleet maneuvers to smartphones or tablets to use additional private screens and secretly position their ships and sink their friends’ fleets. With a modern, dynamic and interactive grid, players can enjoy the popular game in classic mode or choose the more tactical conflict at sea! Mode. Key features of fleet maneuvers include:

Enhance PS4 experience with a private second screen

  • Thanks to the PlayLink companion application, players can enjoy an authentic thrill of naval battles. You can download the Fleet Maneuver PlayLink application to their smartphones or tablets, which will become additional screens and controllers. Players can use the app to secretly arrange their ships, target their friend’s fleet, and fire their attacks.

The choice between classic and conflict at sea! Game Modes

  • Classic Mode: Players can play fleet maneuvers the way they know and love them by positioning five ships on their field and determining each turn where they want to target the enemy’s field to destroy their opponent’s fleet before sinking their own.
  • Conflict at Sea! Mode: a brand new way to play fleet maneuvers. In this mode, players must earn and carefully manage resources that can be used to activate the abilities of each ship to win the game.
    Many possibilities to play offline
  • Player vs. Player: Skippers can lead head-to-head battles with both Classic and Conflict at Sea! Rules.
    Campaign: Players complete dozens of missions and master all the intricacies of conflict at sea! As they follow an exciting story.
  • Player vs. Player AI: Players compete with the artificial intelligence of the game and must use all their skills to defeat them.

Compete against players from all over the world

  • Players can choose between Conflict at Sea! And Classic Mode and challenge their friends or other online players.
    Living sea battles
  • Fleets with unique abilities, cartoon designs, and fun animations make the game experience even more entertaining.
    To conquer the world
  • Players can follow the community and duel in the rankings, fight for trophies and compete against other players from around the world.

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