How Cool Would It Be If There Were Flying Races In Anthem?


How Cool Would It Be If There Were Flying Races In Anthem?

In Anthem, you can fly around in the air for a long time with your Javelin. Although flying is indeed integrated into the gameplay, there is no clear focus on it in the game yet. Air races or obstacle courses could provide a lot of fun and variety.

That’s the idea: Who did not want to prove his flying skills in Anthem and compete against his friends in the race? Or meander through a Wyvern swarm with skilled air maneuvers, as well as the first Cutscene in front of the Heart of Wrath? The world of Anthem seems to have been made for that, but flying at the moment is solely for getting from A to B.

How to Use Flying in Anthem:

The only challenge that puts your flying abilities to the test is the spherical echoes. These must be collected during certain battles and handed over to a designer relic.

It can be challenging on higher levels of difficulty to collect the glowing spheres under enemy fire, but it feels more like a tedious task than an intense speed experience. Whether there will be more complex mechanics in the future remains to be hoped.

That’s why flying races in Anthem fit

The tuners are already here: for flying races to take place in Anthem, it does not take much. The most important aspects are already included in the game:

  • All Javelins fly at the same speed
  • There is an overheat indicator that limits the flight time
  • There are target rings through which one can fly
  • You can cool your engines through the environment
  • You have several modes of movement (double jumps, hover mode)
  • There are “designer tubes” that allow you to overcome long distances quickly and without overheating
  • There are several weather conditions that can affect the Javelin

What else would you need for a flight race?

Since all Javelins fly at the same speed, for a race it is necessary to temporarily increase the speed of a Javelin. The target rings could act as a circuit to show the players where to fly. After passing a ring, you could get a violent speed boost, which subsides after a few seconds. So that the thrusters do not overheat so quickly, the rings could also reduce the heat for a short time.

Comparison to the “Sparrow Racing League” in Destiny: The SRL in Destiny 1 has a similar principle. The motorized space bikes, called Sparrows, are all about equally fast, but the riders get a speed boost as they speed through certain boost gates on the track. The one who scores the most goals and holds the best line is usually the winner in the end.

In the following video you can watch the races:

Flying sports has great potential: in Anthem, there are countless possibilities to make this idea more exciting and to raise big.

You could include the hymn of creation, which, for example, creates a massive storm and lets tons of wyvern appear in it. It could lead to impressive air combat in the hover mode while cooling his engines by reverse waterfalls strategically.

Flying races would give Anthem a PvP base for the first time, without disturbing the balancing in the game. You could compete against renowned racing pilots, set lap records and unlock aerodynamic armor parts for the Javelins.

Ideas for future mission types

Dominion Lancer Pursuits: A type of mission in which you track a hostile Dominion Lancer through the skies. The target rings serve as guideposts. After being tracked long enough, he will be forced to land on the ground, where you will finally deliver a final showdown with him.

Obstacle course with a boss fight: On this expedition, you put your flying skills to the test. You fly, for example, into a Wyvern-Nest, where you have to avoid oncoming enemy flocks.

Due to the fire attacks of the Wyvern, the Javelin is immediately overheated in a hit and crashes. The opponents would have to be cleverly bypassed while speeding through narrow passages and tunnels. After successfully completing the course, you reach the interior of the nest, where a mini-boss awaits the player.

If you have defeated the mini-boss, you must flee the nest immediately before it goes into the air. A timer already exists in the game. One last little obstacle passage finally leads the team back into freedom while everything goes up in flames.

Seasonal Competition Races: Similar to Destiny’s SRL, you could have a time-limited event that challenges the freelancer’s sporting spirit.

Bastion could offer as a solemnity the “Javelin Racing League” and invite pilots to the friendly tempo contest. Target rings distributed around the last city set the route. Designer tubes, underwater passages and spider webs could provide the most exciting routes.

Components and inscriptions that extend the flight time would either be advantageous or excluded for the sake of fairness. You could allow players to make whole race loadouts, or provide equal opportunities with various restrictions.

Javelin training as a World Event:

To provide some variety at the World Events, Freelancer Yarrow could give the player some flight training.

If the weather conditions are right and the thermals are right, he might suggest a few targeting exercises where you have to collect echo-like collectibles or stunts in a certain amount of time, such as: “Swoop for 5 seconds” or “Fly a loop “Must complete. Alternatively, similar challenges could be added in the cortex.

Why Flight Race Anthem Would Do Well:

Flight racing and aerial challenges would greatly enrich the fun component in Anthem, providing players a refreshing change from the stubborn loot grind.

Most of it is already built into the game and works, so it’s only a matter of time before BioWare makes sense of incorporating these mechanics into a game mode.

Many players would be pleased to see that there was something in Anthem that was geared towards fun and skill, not just focusing on the best equipment possible.

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