Maintenance Work At Anthem: Servers Are Down – When Can We Play Again?


Maintenance Work At Anthem: Servers Are Down – When Can We Play Again?

Anthem will be unavailable today for early afternoon maintenance. Everything you need to know about server down, we have here for you.

  • Update 4:05 pm: The Anthem servers should be available again on all platforms.
  • Update 15:20: As the community lead Andrew Johnson tells via Twitter, the maintenance work has been extended by about half an hour.
  • Update 3:15 pm: The Anthem servers still seem to be down. We’ll keep you up to date!

When is maintenance work?

BioWare announced scheduled maintenance for Anthem on Tuesday. The servers will shut down and you will not be able to log in to the game. These are the maintenance works on 19 March:

  • The work starts around 13 o’clock
  • By 15 o’clock the maintenance should be over
  • Remember, these are approximate times. Should there be problems, the work could drag on. In that case we will inform you here.

What is being worked on?

As BioWare announced in Anthem Subreddit, work is being done on the servers today. According to Technical Design Director Brenon Holmes, these are “things at the end of BioWare”.

Holmes further explained that developers use different technologies to control how the various game services work. You may occasionally need to update the software or hardware that supports some of these technologies. This should happen today, among other things.

Since this is server-side maintenance, there should not be a patch to download.

What else is going on in Anthem?

To shorten the waiting time for you, we have summarized some news from the last days for you as reading material for you: Recently, a hotfix was played on the Anthem server, which should change some of the loot . Especially the higher difficulty levels GM2 and GM3 should benefit from it.

Anthem currently has a problem with the fortress end bosses. Players no longer want to play against them and leave the strongholds ahead of the boss. BioWare has given an answer to the question of why the players in the world of Anthem cannot fly as high as they want.

Bad for players are also invisible barriers in fortresses: