Pokémon GO: Dataminer Finds New Feature For Adventure Sync


Pokémon GO: Dataminer Finds New Feature For Adventure Sync

The Pokémon GO Sync Sync could get a big update. A Dataminer has discovered a new feature for finding new Pokémon.

What is this feature? The text passages found indicate that Adventure Sync may soon help you find Pokémon.

So you get a message if you have a Pokémon nearby that you do not already own.

This was found by the Dataminer

This text passage is about: The new feature is called “awareness”, so in German “perception”. There are two passages describing the feature:

  • Adventure Sync can now find out about nearby new Pokémon!
  •  Sync can find new Pokémon nearby, even if Pokémon GO is closed!

What could that mean?

Adventure Sync already counts your miles when you close the app. So with the new feature, it could alert you if there is a Pokémon in your area that you still lack in the PokéDex.

There is already a similar feature: Players among you who use Pokémon GO Plus know something similar. So the GO Plus flashes in a different color when it targets a Pokémon that you are still missing.

Adventure Sync could do the same thing now. For example, you could get a push notification when a new Pokémon is nearby.

When does the feature come?

So far it has only been found in the code. There is no release date.

Maybe it will not happen at all. The find in the code does not mean anything but can be the first clue.

This can Adventure sync so far: So far, the fitness feature counts only your mileage. Each week you get a reward, depending on the track.

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