Pokémon GO: Why You Hatch Riolu Theoretically Costs 50 €


Pokémon GO: Why You Hatch Riolu Theoretically Costs 50 €

Riolu can be quite expensive in Pokémon GO. Because if you go to the probability of hatching a Riolu, then you have to pay 50 €.

Why does Riolu cost € 50?

The baby Pokémon hatches only from eggs and from it only very rarely. If you now take this probability and converted to the used incubators, then you get to about 9200 coins or just about 50 €. Of course, this is just a rough theory. You can also be lucky and encounter a Riolu faster. But it can take longer.

So probably Riolu is in eggs

This is the probability: On TheSilphRoad, every trainer can register his hatched eggs. There you can also see how probable the Pokémon are out of the eggs.

So you can find Riolu in 7 km eggs and 10 km eggs. The chance of one is about the same in both eggs:

  • Chance in 7 km eggs: 0.8% (22 out of 2849 eggs)
  • Chance in 10km eggs: 0.7% (7 in 975 eggs)

So many eggs you have to brood: If you count down these numbers, you get to about 143 eggs, which you hatch for a Riolu. Of course, this costs a lot of incubators. So many incubators are needed: In total, you can hatch 3 eggs per incubator. So you need 48 different incubators to get a Riolu.

Many coins you have to invest: Of course, the 48 incubators also cost a lot of coins. So you have to:

  • Spend 9600 coins for super incubators
  • Spend 7200 coins for normal incubators

These incubators then cost a lot of real money. If you buy the incubators in large offer boxes at cheaper prices, then you get out at least 50 euros. If you buy the incubators without offer boxes, then you can lie down for 9600 coins even about 80 euros.

It is also possible without real money:

If you do not put money into the game, but only take the daily 50 coins, you have to save coins for at least 144 days. If you rely on the super incubators, then you have to wait even 192 days.

So much you have to run with a hatchery: If you do not buy any incubators, then you can also use the infinite hatchery. But then you have to run at least 1000 kilometers to hatch the 143 eggs.

That’s behind the bill: It’s just theory and probability. So you can be lucky and get a Riolu after 5 eggs. But you can hatch as many as 143 eggs until you get your Riolu. The fact is, getting a Riolu is damn rare. It always has some luck with it.

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