Red Dead Online Finally Announces Big Update – That’s The Content


Red Dead Online Finally Announces Big Update – That’s The Content

Rockstar has announced new content for the Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer part, Red Dead Online. In addition, “later in spring” an update will appear, which will bring some new features.

This content will come in the next 4 weeks: RockStar has announced to add new content to Red Dead Online every week. In the next four weeks it should be about:

  • new showdown modes
  • racing modes
  • and give a new free roam event.

In addition, the beta phase has allowed laying the foundations for the more advanced aspects of Red Dead Online. Therefore, the developers announced the next, larger update for the online mode, which should appear “later in the spring”.

Red Dead Online Golden Armor Fool’s Gold

Rockstar announces more content and events for RDO, here to see the event ” Fools Gold”.
This is in the big spring update With the next update, players in Red Dead Online should get more freedom in their style of play. RockStar wants to introduce offensive and defensive play styles.

The offensive style is more like the current Free Roam

While the defensive playstyle should be an evolved version of the passive mode concept.
This allows players to hunt or fish in peace and quiet in online mode without fear of raiding by other players. Such a passive mode, some RDO players wish for a long time.

What else does the update bring? The spring update will also bring a hostility system based on the anti-griefing measures added to RDO in February. This allows players to defend themselves against attacks without having to worry about bounties.

  • new missions to “A Land of Opportunities” with Jessica LeClerk,
  • new free roam missions
  • and the introduction of dynamic events. Players in the game world should fend off attacks, initiate rescues or
  • defend people in need.
  • In addition, there will be adjustments to the character editor. Changes to the daily challenges are designed to
  • eliminate hostile gambling and show victory tricks for greater rewards. How that should look like has not yet
  • been announced.

With the LeMat revolver also celebrates a weapon from Red Dead Redemption with the update their comeback. When does it all come? Rockstar is currently planning the update with the larger features for “Spring 2019.”

Spring 2019 starts on 19.3. and ends on the 21st of June. At some point in the next 3 months, we should expect the big update – if the next 4 weeks are full of smaller updates, we can probably expect at the earliest in May 2019.

A big question in the community is whether the latest update has made RDR2 uglier.

Stay Tuned For More Updates