So Immensely, A Single Feature Can Affect Ashes Of Creation


So Immensely, A Single Feature Can Affect Ashes Of Creation

The so-called nodes are the core feature of Ashes of Creation. In them, both the PvE, as well as the PvP takes place. In a new article series, the nodes are presented in more detail by the developers.

What are the nodes?

The Nodes are places in the open world that can be conquered, developed and defended. Each node has a zone that it influences. Everything that happens within this zone affects the node. Doing tasks or collecting materials gives the node experience.

Conversely, the node also influences the zone. Quests depend on the level of expansion, but also on the race controlling the node. However, these zones should be variable in size. The more a node develops, the further the influence of a zone should spread.

How do the nodes work?

To start the game there should be 103 nodes on each server. The basic structure should always be identical. How does a node level? A node has a total of seven different stages in development:

  • Level 0 – Wilderness
  •  1 – Expedition
  •  2 – Camp
  •  3 – village
  •  4 – City
  •  5 – big city
  •  6 – Metropolis

While the first stages can still be covered quickly, the development of a node to the metropolis takes several weeks or months.

What’s the point of leveling a node?

The bigger the node becomes, the more you can do within it. Only with the reaching of level 2 so traders and bankers. As soon as a node reaches the status “village”, there is the possibility to operate player housing. The number of quests also increases as the level increases. However, what exactly waits for you in a node depends on the nature of the node.

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What types of nodes are there?

There are four different types of nodes in the Ashes of Creation. These are also fixed from the beginning, are identical on all servers and can not be changed:

  • Economic nodes
  • Military Nodes
  • Scientific Nodes
  • Divine Nodes

Depending on the type of node, the NPCs and their tasks change. Economic nodes are predestined for trading centers. Accordingly, more and more traders come to this as the level increases. Military Nodes, however, have many more guards and are better defended. So Nodes around a fortress are always military in nature.

Vassal Nodes: When a Node reaches Level 3, but Nodes around it have not made it yet and are in the Influence Zone, then the evolved Node turns the others into Vassal Nodes. These nodes give experience to the mother node and also share their influences in diplomacy, in wars and in the economy. Accordingly, a vassal node can not rebel against the mother.

A vassal node cannot overtake the parent node in the expansion stages. Nevertheless, they can again have vassal nodes. Racial influence on the Nodes: Especially interesting is the influence of the races on the Nodes. If a large part of the controlling faction plays the Py’rai as a race, then the buildings should come from this cultural area. This impact should also affect the story of quests and events in the Node Zone, as well as dungeons and raids.

The next steps of Ashes of Creation

The coming week will see the conquest and destruction of Nodes. This is a further article and a video planned by the developers. Ashes of Creation plans to release for 2020: The first alpha to explore the open world has not yet started. Instead, she shifts indefinitely.

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Also, the release of Ashes of Creation has been postponed for now. Unlike originally announced, this is now planned for 2020.

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