That’s The TOTW 27 In FIFA 19 Ultimate Team – Messi Is Missing


That’s The TOTW 27 In FIFA 19 Ultimate Team – Messi Is Missing

In FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, the TOTW was presented 27 (Team of the Week). Which players made it, you will learn here.

What is the Team of the Week? Each week, 23 players from EA Sports are voted into the Team of the Week. These players will then receive improved Inform cards, available in sets for a week.

The best players in TOTW 27: The strongest Inform card with a total rating of 90 receives Di Maria. However, De Vrij (86) and Richardson (86) have also received very strong new cards.

Lionel Messi scored a hat-trick against Betis Sevilla last weekend. That was reason enough for many experts to expect him for the TOTW 27. That’s why it’s rather surprising that he did not receive an Inform card.

This would have been by far the strongest card of Team of the Week 27.

Di Maria’s new inform card: This week Di Maria receives her third TOTW card in FUT 19

In comparison with his last inform card, a lot has improved. All stats have received a decent boost. But his shot and pass values ​​make the biggest jump.

Shooting: 81 -> 87
Fit: 86 -> 90

t is also interesting that Di Maria’s new inform card has received a change of position. You can set it up in a storm now. And that’s not a bad idea, with the new top values ​​of this card.

Bundesliga players at TOTW 27: This week, Delaney (84), Kruse (84) and Weghorst (84) have joined the team of the week.

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This is the Team of the Week 27:

All cards in the TOTW 2 7
TOTW 27 – starting eleven

TOTW 27 – substitute

Release TOTW 27: The new Inform cards will be available in packs from 20.03 at 19.00.

This is how you get players from the TOTW

From packs: It is possible to draw the best inform maps of the current TOTW from the following sets:

Gold Pack (5,000 coins)
Premium Gold Pack (7,500 coins)
or from other special sets
Bronze or silver TOTW cards can also be found in the corresponding bronze and silver sets.

The chances of actually getting a card out of the TOTW, however, are very low.

In the transfer market: The Inform cards from the Team of the Week will also be on the transfer market. Here are the prices, for the best players, but extremely high.

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