That’s Why Apex Legends Does Not Want To Bring Any Challenges In Season 1

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That’s Why Apex Legends Does Not Want To Bring Any Challenges In Season 1

Apex Legends does not want to offer any special tasks and challenges for Season 1. There are clear reasons for this, but challenges may come later.

What are Challenges in the Season Pass? Some Battle Royale games, especially Fortnite, offer special tasks every week. If you fulfill them, you will earn massive points for the Battle Pass and so you will be able to climb the level faster and get your goodies faster. Without such tasks, you have to laboriously clear the steps.

Apex Legend’s Lifeline Mirage Wraith Skin from Season 1

In Fortnite, the weekly challenges are always a big hit that millions of players are waiting for. Although Apex Legends has a Battle Pass, Challenges does not want to explicitly offer Respawn to developers. That’s why Respawn does not want any challenges: In a blog post, the developers of Apex revealed their reasons for not playing Challenges in Season 1. First, they made fun of challenges:

You’ll notice that the first version [of the Battle Pass] is not built around a complex quest system where you’ll need to make a 720 backflip from the Artemis Watchtower and hit two wingman headshots before touching the ground. Respawn does not seem to have much of a task that keeps you from playing regularly. Fortnite, in particular, has often performed tasks that had nothing to do with Battle Royale and regularly sent players to their deaths.

Will there never be challenges in Apex?

Respawn, however, immediately rowed back and stated that there were opportunities for challenges. We think that there will be enough design possibilities for quests and challenges in future Battle Passes. But we want to keep the first version so that the players only play it and I get to know the game.

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What does that mean for the players? Forfeiting Challenges means that you have to grind through all 100 stages of the Battle Pass of Season 1 without any tools until you end up with the cool new Havoc Skin. By the way, this weapon skin and all the skins from the pass will be exclusive for Season 1 and will never happen again.

That was also the case in Fortnite on the first Battle Pass, and players were very happy when it came to challenges and challenges in Season 3.

What do the players say?

While some players like to have challenges in Apex Legends. Most agree that they would rather have no challenges than a few stupid tasks like they probably did in Fortnite or PUBG. In the latter one had to go into the water or the death zone, which nobody actually volunteers to do. Challenges, so the fans, should make sense and not some obscure nonsense.

The absurd example with the backflip from the Respawn watchtower certainly makes you think that the developers are thinking up something very special for the challenges in the next season.

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