That’s Why The New Quests In Pokémon GO Are So Awesome


That’s Why The New Quests In Pokémon GO Are So Awesome

In Pokémon GO there are 4 new quests to solve. These bring a rare plant Pokémon and also offer other, great benefits.

These quests are all about: The planting event in Pokémon GO is underway and will also give players 4 new fieldwork. They are suitable for plant type. The quests are special because they bring you Pokémon that you barely see in any other field research.

These are the new quests

At first glance, the 4 quests do not seem to be very special, but to be more specific, 3 of the quests are very useful:

  • Catch 3 bisasam or endive
  • Reward: Encounter with a Chelast
  • Develop 2 Plant Pokémon
  • Reward: Encounter with a Tangela
  • Develop 5 Plant Pokémon
  • Reward: Encounter with a bisaflor
  • Catch 10 Plant Pokémon
  • Reward: 1000 stardust
  • Bisaflor Pokemon GO
  • Bisaflor is a reward for the quests.

Therefore, the quests are so good: You get from the field research with Bisaflor and Tangela two useful Pokémon and Chelast is to use in the future. We’ll do the research with you. Catch 3 Bisasam or Endive: Let’s start with the worst possible quest. You get Chelast as a reward, a Pokémon that is relatively common. Chelast could be really interesting in the future. If its development allows Chelterrar to learn the Flora Statue attack on a possible Community Day, it will be very useful. It is not wrong to collect a good chelast now.

Develop 2 Plant Pokémon: In this field research you get Tangela. The Pokémon is almost never seen in the wild and is rarely found in eggs. Many players are therefore still missing candy for the development. In addition, you will easily get the chance of a Tangela with a very good IV. After all, the IV of Pokémon from quests are generally very good.

You also find Tangela in the current raids:

Develop 5 Plant Pokémon: If you have developed 5 Plant Pokémon, you will get a Bisaflor directly. After the Community Day with Bisasam , Bisaflor may be nothing special for some players, but simply meeting such a Pokémon is very cool.

In addition, Bisaflor is a solid plant attacker. Even without the communuity-day attack Flora statue . You can also collect many bisasam sweets, because the catch with Sananabeere brings equal 20 sweets.

Catch 10 Plant Pokémon: This quest may be the highlight. At the moment, you can find Plant Pokémon everywhere, and thanks to the quest, there’s just 1000 Stardust on top.

So you’re almost doubling your Stardust while catching, because a single Plant Pokémon with no bonuses brings you 100 Dust. If you catch 10 pieces, then there are 1000 stardust dust and then the extra dust from the quest.

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